Sensible Soccer for Android (iOS, PC, Switch potentially) Kickstarter!!

  • The_Goon 8 Nov 2019 14:00:08 1,414 posts
    Seen 6 hours ago
    Registered 6 years ago

    I would LOVE this on iOS or Switch. Early days but £55k in a few weeks seems unlikely though :(.
  • rice_sandwich 8 Nov 2019 14:25:05 5,837 posts
    Seen 5 hours ago
    Registered 4 years ago
    What happened to the Sensi remake that was kicking around a couple of years ago?
  • uiruki 8 Nov 2019 15:00:38 4,981 posts
    Seen 2 hours ago
    Registered 16 years ago
    Sociable Soccer? Quick check and apparently itís on Apple Arcade as of today.
  • cowell 8 Nov 2019 15:11:24 2,041 posts
    Seen 4 hours ago
    Registered 11 years ago
    Sociable going Apple Arcade pretty much kills that Kickstarter. It looks stillborn already to be fair - £344 quid
  • Nazo 8 Nov 2019 15:26:01 1,094 posts
    Seen 2 hours ago
    Registered 10 years ago
    A Switch version would be great but that KS seems really shoddy, itís not even clear to me if they have a licence to do it yet?
  • superdelphinus 8 Nov 2019 17:02:45 10,153 posts
    Seen 13 hours ago
    Registered 14 years ago
    I canít imagine this would be good on a mobile?
  • breakablepants 8 Nov 2019 17:08:55 1,075 posts
    Seen 1 day ago
    Registered 5 years ago
    Someone needs to ask Jon Hare if he's aware of this...
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