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  • Dirtbox 10 Mar 2020 21:48:21 91,337 posts
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    Good work not dying!
  • davidfowles 11 Mar 2020 13:38:17 112 posts
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    Jono62 wrote:
    How's the recovery going?
    Iím a lot stronger in general than I was, walking will be affected for a long time and the explanation Iíve been given about the paralysed right shoulder is that the damaged nerves will recover to whatever the new 100% is going to be over as long as a year. I can bicep curl a 1 kilo weight but not a 2 kilo one. The left arm is better but I have to take time with it as they stitched a few muscles in the forearm back together. I get an ultrasound on the 17th to see how the 10cm blood clot in my right arm is going. Bit concerned the bathtub full of medications Iíve been taking morning and night are frying me a bit because Iíve developed a pretty frustrating stammer, but Iím wondering if it is a withdrawal symptom maybe as Iíve been weaning back two of the painkillers. Did stand-up comedy last week and people I meet in public are slightly mind-blown, seems Iím a minor celebrity. Just today Iíve finally got the neck brace off. Iíd not understood how my neck got broken in the first place: turns out one of the three stab wounds in my neck cracked one bone and sheared a piece off another, and now thereís a sharp shard of bone floating about in my neck near the (also sharp) thingy it was cut off. Makes lying on the couch a mite uncomfortable, but I might buy a couch with a softer arm-rest Iíve been looking at.
  • davidfowles 11 Mar 2020 13:39:25 112 posts
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    Dirtbox wrote:
    Good work not dying!
    Iíll have to try Dark Souls again. I expect Iím really good at it now.
  • davidfowles 11 Mar 2020 13:42:13 112 posts
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    challenge_hanukkah wrote:
    Apologies if this has already been covered, but are you expecting any recompense or anything?

    Can you sue the knife wielding maniac?
    Probably not. The short message is heís probably too poor to even bother suing, but also, frankly, a civil case is just an unattractive way to keep the guy in my life longer.Thereís other avenues for assistance though which Iím pursuing and it all looks very optimistic.
  • Murbs 11 Mar 2020 14:29:11 24,751 posts
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    Utterly remarkable.
  • mothercruncher 11 Mar 2020 14:37:31 17,627 posts
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    Yeah, well done you, fuck me.
  • Load_2.0 11 Mar 2020 16:41:18 31,406 posts
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    At least let him heal first!
  • Phattso 11 Mar 2020 17:13:03 25,216 posts
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    If you use your weakest arm what percentage of it feels like someone else is doing it?

  • davidfowles 11 Mar 2020 22:30:07 112 posts
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    Wanking is basically physio.
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