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  • Armoured_Bear 1 Apr 2020 13:05:41 28,696 posts
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    Dirt3 wrote:
    Surely now is the time to get stuck into something massive, or takes a stupid amount of practice.

    Witcher 3 or Dirt Rally 2 (if the postman ever gets his arse in gear and brings it).
    I have Persona 5 Royal, Assasin's Creed Origins and Fire Emblem : Three Houses. Months and months of gaming there....
  • Stuz359 1 Apr 2020 13:07:08 250 posts
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    GOAT is relative, it depends on the person & the time of life they experienced it. I still think it is Ocarina of Time, but it was down to how old I was at the time and how I experienced it. Objectively, I would say it's Witcher 3 as it's the closest to the game I always wanted to play. But the memories and nostalgia have Ocarina top for me. It's like the first love I guess.
  • hedben2013 1 Apr 2020 13:22:46 1,507 posts
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    In a moment of paranoia I made sure I had a few games installed that didn't require an internet connection. So I've started or continued:

    The Surge 2 (excellent, has online elements but I doubt I'd miss them)
    Ass Creed Unity (I know it's been panned but seems like just another one of those and fine so far)
    Fallout 4 (comfort food, and with a load of mods that make it a bit fresher)

    Also been doing quite a bit of Fortnite, which I tried out because the kids had started playing it and got surprisingly hooked. And I'm still chugging away at GTA and RDR Online.
  • robthehermit 1 Apr 2020 14:13:21 7,708 posts
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    @hedben2013 Do you own Surge 2 or are you playing via GamePass? Because if it's the latter I think you'll find you can't play it without an internet connection.
  • hedben2013 1 Apr 2020 14:52:01 1,507 posts
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    Registered 8 years ago
    @robthehermit Oh crap yes it's GamePass, good point.

    I reinstalled Dark Souls 2 as well so I'd always have that to fall back on. But I'm not seriously thinking we'll all be stuck at home with no internet, you've got to assume decent online is considered essential because people would break isolation within days if it went out over wide areas for that long.
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