Is Battlefield V worth playing?

  • peppergomez 25 Apr 2020 03:47:26 53 posts
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    Loved BF1942 and BF2 waay back in the day. Skipped 3 and 4 and haven't played shooters in a long while.

    I bought BF5 awhile back and now that we are stuck at home, was thinking of giving it a go. I own the basic version of it and I'm asking mainly from a 'is it worth my time' POV. That's subjective, I know, but for those who enjoy this genre, I'd like to get your thoughts.

  • mothercruncher 25 Apr 2020 06:56:07 17,839 posts
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    You could... try it?
  • JamboWayOh 25 Apr 2020 11:27:03 20,059 posts
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    Hey guys, I have a game. Should I play the game that I have or look at it and wonder what secrets it holds?
  • johnnyrocketfingers 3 May 2020 09:15:04 300 posts
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    If you like BF WW2 the answer is Yes.
  • Carlo 11 Jun 2020 19:01:03 21,328 posts
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    BF V on PC probably isn't too many cheaters.
  • Carlo 11 Jun 2020 19:02:23 21,328 posts
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    anhduy wrote:
    Considering the entire franchise of BF are on Steam right now, you can spend your steam wallet fund on BFV. Once you launch the game from Steam, it will install a lite version of Origin (if you uninstall Origin from your machine previously) which cost less resources overall. So the answer is YES.
    Hhahaha, your shit webpage doesn't even load.
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