Xbox 360 games on PC

  • Stuz359 28 Apr 2020 02:16:05 266 posts
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    There was a post on here earlier asking about Xbox 360 games being played on PC. It was ridiculed and then taken down.

    I was interested because I experimented with an emulator called Xenia earlier on (or yesterday to be factually accurate). I have an Xbox 360 in the room, and the games I am using are my own. Little disclaimer there.

    It is not a stupid question though. The emulator works and I got some pretty good results. Xbox one BC is really good, I sold my Xbox one last year due to financial hard times, but I was interested in what this emulator could do. So I ran a little experiment today.

    Mostly works pretty well. There are a certain amount of games that will only work on 360 or one, never ported to other platforms ( gears 2, gears 3, fable 2, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon etc) so I tried to have a little experiment on my own. I am running a i7 8700, 16gb ram and a gtx 1070.

    Have to say, the results were good. There is an option to upscale the resolution to 1440p, on my system it effectively halved the frame rate to about 15fps. Rendering at 720p however the frame rate was effectively locked to about 30fps which is pretty good.

    It was an interesting experiment, but really, I have an xbox 360 in the room that I can use, and if not for the virus, would be way cheaper just to buy an Xbox one with game pass.

    But it was not a completely useless exercise. The potential is there in the future for increasing resolution and potentially increasing frame rates.
  • Dirtbox 28 Apr 2020 04:55:58 91,422 posts
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    Yeah, it's okay. Still isn't quite there, but it's not far off. I've mostly been using it for Japanese shooters.
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