Little Nightmares and the philosophy of the "unknown horror" in gaming.

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    After spending what seemed like an eternity talking about the Hyper Neo Geo 64, I wanted to pivot hard onto something completely different, and I started thinking about games that have a certain "feel" to them that is unlike what much of gaming is currently doing. I settled on stories that use philosophy / world building to a degree that seem to separate them from their contemporaries...and I started with Little Nightmares.

    I picked the game up when it released based on one trailer. Seemed to look pretty legit and I didn't have much to play. By the time I finished my first playthrough (with my's a lot more fun if you have someone else to talk to about the game itself) I was absolutely blown away with the world the game built.

    Yes its some weird business ; cannibalism, allegories to WWII atrocities, and some voyeurism to round it all out lol. And yes the control mechanics can leave something to be deaths are a thing you will encounter, but I loved the game so much I forgave those deaths as they didn't set you back too far and it just meant getting to see the same amazing visuals and sounds one more time.

    Def looking forward to the sequel but curious who else played and enjoyed Little Nightmares? Or if you hated it why? Seems like the type of game that people either say "loved it...masterpiece!" or "meh it was ok"
  • awbacon 19 May 2020 17:30:00 19 posts
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    So you know what it looks like / I go more in depth about the world building and overall game. It's late game footage but doesn't really spoil anything the trailers didn't
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