Feeding Frenzy and the non-support of PAL 50..

  • Halo.Jones 18 Mar 2006 09:20:52 532 posts
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    Maybe someone can enlighten me.

    Youve got your 360 connected to a LCD monitor (in my case a DELL 2005FPW 20") via a vga cable, you are running the 360 at the highest resolution and after downloading Feeding Frenzy, you want to play the demo, the game says it doesn't support Pal 50, you need to select Pal 60, how do you select Pal 60 when the option doesn't appear when using VGA?

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  • Deleted user 18 March 2006 09:24:18
    You need to plug you're 360 via composite, component or scart and make sure the switch on the cable is on TV rather than HD. Then go in the system blade, video settings and you'll find an option to switch from 50 to 60Hz. Restart the machine plugged via VGA, which now 'runs' at 60Hz.
  • Halo.Jones 18 Mar 2006 09:26:40 532 posts
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    I really don't want to be swapping cables to play a demo, so I'll just delete the damn thing.

  • Deleted user 18 March 2006 09:31:00
    Well you'd better take 5 minutes of your time to do it. Once it's done, it's done and you'll need it in the future as more and more games will only support 60Hz. DOA4 is a prime example.
  • acegamer 18 Mar 2006 17:11:02 14 posts
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    My ntsc copy of DOA4 works on 50hz while set on high def through composite but demo of the outfit would not work so changed as above mentioned looked much worse so changed it back also dont understand why DOA4 will not play on standard tv at 50hz but works perfect on HD TV through composite has anybody else found this to be true.
  • wayneh 23 Nov 2008 21:54:35 2,599 posts
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    Had to delete this game as well as it won't run through a HDMI cable.
  • Retroid Moderator 23 Nov 2008 22:28:32 45,444 posts
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    blizeH wrote:
    Just had the same problem trying to run it from my XBLA disc - are there any benefits to using 60Hz other than compatibility with a load of old games?
    A more compatible framerate (seeing as most games are written for 30/60fps), possibly less tearing, that sort of thing.
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