Please help me EG! Soul Calibur 2, NTSC or PAL?

  • zk 24 Sep 2003 12:12:35 142 posts
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    GamesTM recently reviewed SCII and significantly penalised the PAL version for reworking the enemy AI. According to GamesTM the changes to the AI were made in response to critisim from the Japanese public that the game was too easy. Unfortunatly, in GamesTM's opinion, these changes have ruined the one player game.

    With the PAL release on Friday Im now torn as to which version to buy! Has anyone at Eurogamer played the PAL version yet? Whats your opinion?

    Also do any of the Forumites know if the US version has the same problem?

  • lost_soul 24 Sep 2003 12:23:02 9,372 posts
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    Bunch of mongs.

    I'm starting to wonder whether I should get the game now :-(
  • CyberClaw 24 Sep 2003 13:36:41 2,085 posts
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    I haven't played the PAL version yet, but hardcore gamers were claiming for a total AI rework. They wanted something more like VF4 Evo. I don't know who GamesTM are, but if I was you, I'd wait for a SCII fansite opinion. Why? Because they are the nutz who spend 50 hours a day playing the game learning every counter and stringing 783 combos together. They were also the ones who said the AI sucked (which I hadn't noticed, since I hadn't played VF4Evo yet) and said they wanted a new AI. If this version indeed reworks the AI, maybe it's something less mechanic and more organic, which is a welcoming feature.
    I'm not saying the new AI is good. I'm saying you should wait for to post their opinions on the matter.
  • Rankin 24 Sep 2003 13:47:45 2,930 posts
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    What format are you talking about?

    I was going to buy this on GC on Friday, but I have an XBox too.
  • quantumsheep 24 Sep 2003 15:59:24 3,128 posts
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    Well, I managed to get Soul Calibur 2 yesterday on Gamecube US import and Xbox Pal (don't ask me how!).

    The Xbox version looks slightly better but the GC has Link of course *yay*

    As to the AI, I really couldn't tell the difference. However, I did spend more time playing the Xbox version.

    Hope that helps.
  • Deleted user 24 September 2003 16:37:24
    .::: Al versions are already being sold. :) Nintendo only started today as they aren't in sync with EA doing PS2 and XBX.

    So far can't really see a problem... Probably nitpicking on gTM's part. Oh I got the GC version, least intrusive extra character and a joy to play with my ever so lovalble Hori SNES-GC controllers.

    Also accroding to IGN the XBX version can't cope with Inferno as well giving some framedrops when you fight him. Havn't got a clue what's up with that though.

    Oh and 'we' (as in indy gameshop) are almost through with our GC stock. PS2 and XBX are trailing behind (after only one day!). It's the same behaviour as in Japan and America. Old Link seems to draw people into it I guess....

    As for the gTM story, ignore and just get your hands on the cheapest version (for you).
  • zk 24 Sep 2003 16:49:47 142 posts
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    isnt choice a killer?

    I bought a modded XBox on saturday to compliment my Cube. Now I'm really confused!

    US vs EURO vs JAP + XBox Vs Cube = headache!
  • itamae 24 Sep 2003 19:17:07 10,213 posts
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    I've just bought the PS2 version, and since I'm pretty sure that we'll see a Eurogamer review pretty soon, I'll just address some technical issues:

    Video modes:
    -Progressive Scan
    -4:3 / 16:9

    -Pro Logic II

    Characters on par with the Xbox version, but the backgrounds look pretty chiselled, especially from far away. No slow-downs so far. -Edit: Occassional slow-downs on some stages when doing flashy moves, e.g. Guard Impact, unblockables...

    Other stuff:
    Slightly longer loading times than on the Box, but far from annoying. Difficulty seems to be pretty high, but nowhere near Guilty Gear X2. Have moved on to Chapter 6 using only Ivy, quite hard sometimes, but not very frustrating. And Heihachi does fit in :p

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