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  • imamazed 26 Feb 2013 14:44:02 6,322 posts
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    bitch_tits_zero_nine wrote:
    All these two bit, Socialist when it suits them, men of the people do my head in tbh.

    Like Union Leaders, they justify their comparatively extravagant existence by presenting themselves as champions of a society that is too stupid to comprehend when they are being manipulated.
    Agree with regard to Galloway, but untrue of unions per se. Being the "leader" of a trade union is always going to be a delicate position to justify and one easy for others to attack. I work for one of the biggest trade unions in Britain and our leader isn't "extravagant" in the slightest, and is, by all accounts, a proper socialist.
  • Deleted user 26 February 2013 14:48:43
    Agree that my opinion is based on very little experience.

    Just that a well paid job is surely an automatic agenda for direct action.

    Take the Royal Mail, they can use their monopoly of an infrastructure to leverage skewed terms.

    Dunno really, just a rant that probably won't hold up to serious debate.
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