HELP...!!! My XBOX Live connection is broken

  • JMoney-Dark 22 Sep 2006 21:48:39 13 posts
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    Help, I've had my 360 for about a month now and managed to set it up and get onto live right out of the box. But tonight I have been getting an error message telling me that it can't connect.

    When I test the connection it says that it has failed the IP Address test. I have it set on automatic (to assign the address) and I connect through a router which also carries my PC.

    Any suggestions...??
  • mr_steve100 22 Sep 2006 21:55:12 1,238 posts
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    Just try turning off the Xbox and on again. Or sign out completely, and sign in (again) through the Dashboard. Don't try to sign in from a disconnection because I've also had troubles getting that working properly.
  • DaveT 22 Sep 2006 21:59:57 309 posts
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    Post deleted at 11:03:48 23-03-2007
  • Sid-Nice 22 Sep 2006 22:02:00 15,848 posts
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    Turn off your PC and 360 and unplug your modem for a couple of minutes. Turn your modem back on and boot up your PC and then try turning on the 360.
  • JMoney-Dark 22 Sep 2006 22:19:03 13 posts
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    Hey it worked.

    I turned off the router and switched it back on and now its connecting.


    Time to start dealing death to all comers on COD..!!

    Thanks guys.
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