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  • Deleted user 4 January 2012 21:25:55
    Be better at it then :p

    Need to take a break or a step back sometimes. It's like Portal puzzles that you can't solve you do it instantly of you go away and come back with a fresh head.
  • Deleted user 4 January 2012 21:34:16
    I have an incredibly low tolerance for frustrating bullshit in games that's just there for the sake of being frustrating.

    I have a fuckload of games in my backlog that i will enjoy much more because i'll actually get to play. I'm not going to spend half an hour repeatedly dying on the same bit in one particular game.

    It gets ten minutes more and then it's getting uninstalled. I just don't have the patience to give a fuck about it. It's visually lovely but it's not a great game.
  • Deleted user 4 January 2012 21:35:29
    'oriole when games make you think isn't it?
  • Deleted user 4 January 2012 21:38:33
    It's a puzzle game it's meant to have puzzles to solve not be a straight walk from A-B.
  • Deleted user 4 January 2012 21:38:47
    CrispyXUK wrote:
    'oriole when games make you think isn't it?
    Nah, it's when games have me die repeatedly for half an hour when i'm trying to do a timed jumping bit. It's not even slightly fun any more.

    Cheated and looked up the exact timing on Youtube. The shame :(

    Anyway, onward!

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  • Deleted user 4 January 2012 22:56:54
    And done. Nice little couple of hours of a diversion that was occasionally incredibly frustrating.
  • jonsaan 23 Dec 2012 15:29:20 26,774 posts
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    Registered 12 years ago
    Thanks to Plus I gave this a go. What an utterly fantastic game!
  • skuzzbag 23 Dec 2012 16:48:02 5,950 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    spudsbuckley wrote:
    And done. Nice little couple of hours of a diversion that was occasionally incredibly frustrating.
    To be fair to spuds that pit at the start can be a right bastard when your new to the game.
  • waggy79 23 Dec 2012 18:25:15 1,833 posts
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    jonsaan wrote:
    Thanks to Plus I gave this a go. What an utterly fantastic game!
    It really is. Bought it when it first came out on 360 and finished it again recently on steam.
    Might not have the same impact second time through but I can't recommend it highly enough.
  • JoeBlade 25 Dec 2012 15:15:21 4,173 posts
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    And finished.

    Fantastic little game though I agree it's a bit frustrating in places towards the end. I'm no platformer fan though and don't play many games where good reflexes are a big concern anymore so it was to be expected :)

    Is there any concensus on the story? I realise the devs deliberately kept it vague but I wonder if there's any significance to reoccurring scenery (e.g. the hotel sign)
    The slow motion fall through the glass at the end seems too explicit to be insignificant as well. Did the boy perhaps get hurled out of a crashing car, or fall through a window?
  • frugtkompot 9 Feb 2013 17:42:52 2,829 posts
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    What a magical little game. I put this on for 2 hours just after finishing a frustratingly poor Max Payne 3, and this reminded me that games can be about more than shooting everything that comes onto the screen.

    Halfway through in one sitting. Stuck on a puzzle, and have died a lot, but somehow that's ok. The game is very forgiving about its checkpoints, as it should be. This isn't about challenge and frustation, but feels more like it's about adapting and understanding the rules of the world. Like that angle.

    I see some comments about looking for a story, but to me it doesn't feel like the game is trying to have a coherent story yet. Maybe it'll come later, but for now I think not knowing why you're in this strange, atmospheric and dangerous world adds an extra layer to the sensation of playing it.
  • Deleted user 9 February 2013 18:05:04
    I assumed it was loosely based on this. The bit at the end suggests crossing a barrier, with a rather unexpected (but familiar) ending bit tacked on.

    I've read that the writer(s) haven't explained anything about it at all, which suggests to me that the game was based on religious doctrine and that they've since sought not to cause offence to anyone. I do wonder if they planned a different ending.
  • Fixxxer 15 Jan 2014 22:59:11 1,315 posts
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    Hello. I've finally got around to playing this game after owning it for probably a couple of years and I hate it. The controls are terrible, feeling like Sackboy with a brick tied to his feet; simultaneously heavy and floaty. And the puzzles are the terrible kind where it's not clear if the solution is something clever or just for you to be better at platforming and so you spend ages wrestling with Johnny Jumpsthroughtreacle only to find you had to push over a tree further back. Poo off, Limbo.
  • Punctum 16 Jan 2014 00:32:36 1,255 posts
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    Thought it was okay but nowhere near as good as it reviewed.

    Very much style over substance.
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