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  • Mho7276501 1 Nov 2006 19:09:29 383 posts
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    db's games, anyone ever used them? I have a wii pre-order with them and they can guarantee day one delivery but i need to pay up front. They seem legit, but just checking!
  • caligari 1 Nov 2006 19:10:30 17,945 posts
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    Dirtbox has his own game's company? That sly dawg.
  • Dirtbox 1 Nov 2006 19:45:27 91,433 posts
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  • Dirtbox 1 Nov 2006 19:46:07 91,433 posts
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  • jellyhead 3 Nov 2006 14:44:39 24,347 posts
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    Same here, i remember them appearing on the forum ages ago, registered my Wii interest with them when they announced they were taking names and i've just checked my mail and they say i'm in luck ( hope i still am ).
    Anyone taken the plunge, they seem ok.
  • pjmaybe 3 Nov 2006 14:52:30 70,666 posts
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    "So that's 100 copies of Battle Raper IV then, that'll be 20 bucks!"

  • Deleted user 3 November 2006 14:55:39
    This was the one the owner spammed onto the forum and got shredded for it, yet he seemed to take it in his stride.

    Incidentally, the boxart images are jpegs. But some are hotlinked directly from play.com.


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  • nick303 3 Nov 2006 14:58:41 1,525 posts
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    But his (UKdazza?) site does look a lot better than his first attempt which was truly awful.
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