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    Unofficial forum search.

    Please take the time to read and follow these simple guidelines and rules and your stay on the Eurogamer forum will be a happy one!

    1. When posting...

    i. Craft your subject line - Be descriptive, but be brief. [If your thread subject gives no clue to it's contents, it will be renamed]
    ii. Category - Put your thread in the right category and it can be found more easily through the filters than one in the 'Gaming' category.
    iii. Language - Don't write in ALL CAPS or TXT SPK or L33T SP33K - It is hard to read and annoys people.
    iv. Write clearly - We can't all be great writers, but at least we can give it our best shot.

    2. Think before you post...

    i. Intent - Are you writing something that you want to question, inform or share with the other users?
    ii. Chill out - If someone is being an idiot, you don't have to join them.
    iii. Worth - Is there a similar thread, are you creating a thread to reply to another, have you done a search?
    iv. Discussion - This is a public discussion forum, so if you wish to talk to another member privately you should attempt a different form of communication.
    v. Spam - Blatant advertising, trolling and linking to illegal stuff such as warez are not allowed.
    vi. Abuse - If your post is abusing other users or moderators you run the risk of being banned.


    We will remove posts that contain racist or homophobic remarks, personal abuse, libel, copyrighted material, excessive swearing, references to illegal activities and requests for CD keys or pirated software.

    Users who repeatedly post inflammatory ("troll") topics or contravene the site posting guidelines will find their posts removed and eventually their user account removed. Eurogamer reserves the right to remove posting privileges from any account at any time. In general the staff will endeavour to issue warnings before a user account is removed or suspended, however, in the instance of severe transgressions, this action may be taken without any prior warning.

    If you spot a post on the forum that breaks our comments policy then please post in the Moderator Batphone category, or contact us and we will sort it out.

    If your thread is deleted then look back and see if you've broken any of these rules or look for a thread on a similar topic. If you post a "Why was my thread deleted?" thread, it will be deleted without warning.

    Registering multiple accounts ("sockpuppets") could result in bans for some or all of the accounts in question. One person, one account.

    Please also read this post from Shinji:

    Shinji wrote:
    * Someone with a strongly held opinion that is contrary to you is not a "troll" and they won't be banned and dragged away just for getting up your nose. Deal with it.

    * However, someone who decides to become abusive or spammy, or hijacks other threads, in order to propogate that strong opinion, IS a troll and will get banned. It won't happen overnight. We're not about to start telling mods to ban everyone who says "Wow I think PS3 looks great/shit!" from a videogames forum..

    * People are going to say things here which offend you. The Ignore Poster button exists for this. Don't want to ignore posters because it messes up the forum? Then grow a thicker skin. It's not up to the moderators to ensure that you have a fun happy life with birds singing and the sun shining at all times.

    * Got a legitimate problem with another poster? Post in the moderation batphone category - we'll set up an email address in the near future that you can drop a line to about forum issues as well. Do NOT start trying to deal with your problem by being just as offensive or rude back to the other poster, or by doing something underhanded, because then you'll get kicked out as well.

    * The fact that you've been posting here for X many months/years does not make you into the forum Sherrif. It's not your place to attempt to impose any kind of authority other than telling moderators about problems you see. Starting threads calling for people to be GI'd is a serious no-no, regardless of who you believe them to be. In future I'm going to start handing out temporary bans to people who hound or harrass other posters.
    Just remember... As long as you don't insult people, keep the discussion relevant and don't generally act like an idiot, you won't have to worry about being moderated.

    Note: Posts in the Moderator Batphone category will be deleted once they have been dealt with.

    Thanks, & have fun!


    Useful threads


    The Eurogamer Guest Map.

    Dirtbox's Unofficial EG All Time 100 Games.

    The Official Swapsies Feedback thread.

    The Thread Filter and/or Name Changes thread.

    Games & Gaming

    Magic Panda's World of Warcraft thread.

    Rodpad's World of Warcraft guild thread (for newbies and veterans restarting).

    The Poker-Thread


    silentbob's HDTV Guide.

    Furb's XBMC Set-up Guide.

    Razz's Xbox Softmod Guide.

    morriss' Wii FAQ

    Dirtbox's PS3 FAQ

    The I didn't know my XBox 360 could do that thread


    XBreezeblock's Backwards Compatability List.

    Dirtbox's Useful Software Guide.

    AnotherMartin's ATI Drivers Guide.

    Dirtbox's Guide to Emulation on the PC

    DodgyPast's PSP Homebrew FAQ


    Ilmaestro's Official PS3 Online ID thread.

    ssuellid 's Concise Xbox gamertag list.

    Kalel's XBL Etiquette Thread.

    time_love99's Official Wii friend codes thread.

    Mentat's MSN Messenger IDs page.

    funkyd's Xfire Thread For Counter Strike: Source.

    The Setting up a different region LIVE account link


    Whizzo's Bargains Thread.

    faux_carnations Game Importers Thread.


    Kalel's Premiership Thread.

    Harry's "What book are you reading?" thread.

    ReGuRgIt8oR's The Photo Gallery thread.

    Flightrisker's Recommendation Threads.

    Kalel's Comics Thread

    Manuel's Official HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Movie Discussion Thread.

    Freeware platformers

    Freeware arena shooters

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    Regarding the policy towards using groups:

    While groups are given a bit more leeway in terms of acceptable content, the basic forum guidelines still apply. Group admins are expected to moderate accordingly. Site moderators will generally take a back seat, however where group postings clearly cross the line then we will step in and in extreme cases groups may be deleted.
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