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  • Psychotext 1 Jul 2008 01:53:30 70,054 posts
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  • Inquisitor Moderator 8 Jul 2008 00:26:05 14,557 posts
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    I didn't get to sleep till about 6 yesterday morning so what does that mean folks? That's right, fucking off the wall dreams.

    They all sort of merged into one. First, me and my ex were in an underwater hotel, very posh, beautiful place. We were running through it and a security guard saw us, we thought he'd kick us out but instead he signalled out to someone behind him and a car pulled up, right in the hall way.

    We got in and the driver gunned the thing all around the hotel until eventually he crashed. I guess the crash was to signal some time passing but it seemed to happen instantly to me, I got out of the wreckage and the whole place was crumbling, deserted and it slowly begun to take on the art deco appearance of Rapture (of Bioshock fame).

    Eventually I found a group of survivors and together we salvaged a helicopter (still underwater), somehow broke through the cities outer walls and floated the thing to the surface of the ocean.

    Obviously trying to take a water logged helicopter off on a choppy ocean is pretty damn hard (read: impossible) but we got it started, just as a huuuuge fin rose up from the water. Someone screamed 'Monster!' and we took off just as the body of the thing hit the landing skids.

    As it rose out of the waves we could see it was metallic and a hatch opened in the was nautillus! We couldn't risk landing in the ocean again but for some obscure reason everyone agreed we'd return to that same spot (whenever we could get time again), above the city and find that submarine.

    I'm guessing there was yet another jump of time in the dream as I'm sure when we came to make preparations everyone looked much older, some people had kids and some were gone. Anyway, as we prepped the sub I watched as a man, not dissimilar in appearance to Depp as Willy Wanka strangled a woman, grabbed her daughter and jumped in the sub.

    I jumped in a second sub (much smaller, a diving bell perhaps) and took chase. We ended up back in Rapture and I was alone, I entered a half submerged room and on a metal table was the body of a pregnant woman, she'd been decapitated and had stiching across her stomach and remaining limbs.

    Luckily at that point I woke up...fucking horrific. Ties in with an earlier dream I posted here about though, a crumbling, near deserted art deco hotel.
  • Deleted user 9 July 2008 19:49:27
    I had THE most awesome dream a couple of nights ago.

    It started off with a friend and I walking about a deserted supermarket that I live near. We were wondering where everyone was when we noticed the staff hiding in the stock room. We asked what was going on, and they said tonight was the final attack of the neds.

    Just as they said that, a bunch of neds burst through with knives. There was an epic fight in the stock room, and I managed to escape through another exit which, for some reason, took me to a forest/bog.

    I sneaked my way out of the supermarket, and was hiding behind some logs on a dirt path when I came across two hunters (one of them being Simon Pegg). I joined up with them, and then the next thing I remember was the three of us fighting The Fantastic Four on a massive mansion balcony.

    Then I woke up. :(
  • sirtacos 12 Jul 2008 05:20:53 8,279 posts
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    A few nights ago I had a dream that I was a cameraman in Africa. Using my huge black camera, I was filming an African guy who was walking in front of me and guiding me around, telling me about the area's history.

    We were walking along a path in the jungle when we came upon a big whitish-grey European mansion. There was a pool and a lawn chair and huge bay windows, but it looked empty and abandoned. There were autumn leaves scattered about, and the sky was grey. Everything looked sad and disused, but like it shouldn't have been there in the first place.

    My guide told me how obscene it was that Westerners could live in such luxury in the midst of the region's poverty.
    Suddenly a group of tourists appeared and we joined them.
    We came to a huge clearing in the forest where enormous medieval towers stood. Apparently there was a civil war in the area and thousands of refugees had just escaped to a tunnel system under the towers. We tried to go inside but a militia or rebel army wouldn't let us inside the towers.
    We had a picnic outside with the tourists. Then some big blond tourist looked for a fight with me because I had talked to his wife.

    Then, next thing I know, I'm underground in some sort of cheese factory built inside tunnels. The ceilings are low, there are fireplaces and candles all around and women with white cloths on their hair are busy melting slices of cheese and operating strange machines.
    The setting is medieval. I feel like I'm not supposed to be there, but I'm hungry, so I start melting cheese and eating it with ham. It's delicious and I can't stop eating. I want more.
    I try to blend in with the women and trick them into thinking I'm one of them (even though I'm a man...), so I pretend to start working - but I'm too hungry. I eat some more cheese. Suddenly, one of them spots me...

    I had another dream last night: I was fucking an ex. I came too soon. After I finished I wiped my semen from her cunt with a kleenex.
    Before that though I had to carry her from an ancient castle and fight a red dragon.
  • sirtacos 15 Jul 2008 14:16:50 8,279 posts
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    I dream I'm in a spaceship and it blows up but me and the princess flee on an escape pod. Then I'm somehow attending a Hogwart-like school of wizardry. I have a magic parrot that tells me it has to go save an alternate universe before flying off, leaving rainbow trails behind him.
  • Inquisitor Moderator 30 Jul 2008 10:13:12 14,557 posts
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    More strange dreams.

    This one I had a few weeks ago. I was out at a BBQ and felt something scratch my hand. I thought nothing of it until someone pointed out that I had a big lump on the knuckly of my middle finger.

    I pressed it a little and this claw came out from under it, extending fully across my finger before retracting back. Went to the doctors and he made an incision and grabbed this weird spider crab thing out from under my skin, it was disgusting. As he was showing it to me it jumped out of his grip and ran into my hair :o

    Last nights dream was intense. Sort of a murder mystery type affair. I don't think I was in the police force but I must have been in some way involved because I kept helping at crime scenes. Maybe a friend had been murdered?

    Anyway, it quickly developed into a pretty fantastical situation. We'd discovered what we thought was the murderer but he just melted into a pool of flesh and blood after killing some woman. Turns out he was from a world beneath our own. Not hell, somewhere different.

    Was actually a pretty scary dream, but one of the better dreams I've had. It's difficult to explain and put into words, but the whole thing had...depth almost. Like a book you could say :D Murder mystery as the first layer then the monsters from the deep and finally that place beneath our feet. That world too was brilliantly defined but I can't for the life of me remember how ;_;
  • Bloodloss 12 Aug 2008 14:26:16 4,497 posts
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    Strange dream tonight.

    Let's see...

    For some reason, I was being chased by FBI agents. I think it was under the Patriot act. They were fabricating evidence. Anyone I got close to and told that I wasn't guilty and provided evidence, they killed. It's too strange to summarise in any type of coherent narrative really, but I remember clips - Them taking me away in their car. Them taking me along the edge of this thorny forest by the river and then shooting me though I didn't die. Them interviewing who I think was Kanye West for information on it, also Heath Ledger.

    Second one, I was a cop and we were looking for this teenager with a certain look - blonde hair and looking all emo with a hoody. I was sitting on a slow-moving train with a colleague when I thought I spotted him walking along, so I jumped off, went to him and it turned out to be a girl disguised as him. And the real guy had trapped me. All of a sudden then, I looked like this person with blonde hair and a hoody and was in court. Apparently I had killed my father. Also for some reason I wanted to get a sentence - so I was arguing with the judge who seemed about to give me a minor sentence and was feeling sorry for me due to my age and possibly other reasons. I put my hoody over my head because I didn't want him looking at my face before he gave the sentence. he gave something really short like 3-5 years. Then I got really scared and was hoping with good behaviour etc I could get off earlier.

    THE END.
  • BanjoMan 12 Aug 2008 14:35:51 13,692 posts
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    I dreamed about a friend of a friend - who I've never met, but heard stories about her and seen photos of her. And yes she's fit.

    Anyway I dreamed of sticking my knob in her.
  • pjmaybe 12 Aug 2008 14:56:55 70,666 posts
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    Bah. Horrible paranoia-induced dream that the missus was tubbing a fat Securicor guard.

    Stupid fucking insomnia. I spend hours trying to get to sleep and then when I do I dream of stuff like that.
  • pjmaybe 12 Aug 2008 14:57:11 70,666 posts
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    BanjoMan wrote:
    I dreamed about a friend of a friend - who I've never met, but heard stories about her and seen photos of her. And yes she's fit.

    Anyway I dreamed of sticking my knob in her.

    Did you wake up spot-welded to the duvet again?
  • BanjoMan 12 Aug 2008 14:58:07 13,692 posts
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    No I was woken by the cat biting my feet, so no payoff.
  • BanjoMan 12 Aug 2008 14:59:03 13,692 posts
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    Wouldn't it be funny if I worked for Securicor?
  • sirtacos 12 Aug 2008 18:09:45 8,279 posts
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    Weird dream...

    I'm going on a diving holiday to the Egyptian Red Sea. I'm in some sort of desert, with high white sun-baked rocks all around. There's this path I'm walking, see, and the signs point to the Egyptian border. So I keep walking. Suddenly however I come across a rocky arch immediately to my left. Other people are walking through it and an Arab man with a big mustache, sunglasses and neck-cape-turban-thing is checking passport visas. Above the arch it says "Saudi Arabia". I stop and think: I could go straight to the Egyptian customs as I planned... or I could just walk off here. I shrug: "why not?"
    So I walk to the entranceway, hand the man my passport and emerge on a beach.
    The beach is very picturesque, with the yellows and oranges of the surrounding desert highlighting the green-turquoise sea. The beach is comfortably crowded, with tan Saudi kids running around and people lounging in the sun...

    I leave my luggage and scuba diving equipment on the beach, jump in the water and swim around. I think to myself "this must be what the Red Sea used to be like before man polluted the hell out of it".
    I didn't know how right I was.

    I grabbed a mask and look around underwater. This shit was like nothing I'd ever seen: all manner of strange creatures abounded, swimming, crawling, floating - in this ocean teeming with life there was not one fish, crab or mammal I recognized. Even the coral was fucked up: it had weird green plants with teeth (I assume they were carnivorous) growing off the top of it and reaching above the surface.

    I was swimming in the prehistoric fucking sea!
  • Deleted user 18 August 2008 01:29:09
    That's a fucking awesome dream ^

    I dreamt about my ex girlfriend wanting to get back with me and me telling her to get fucked.
  • Deleted user 22 August 2008 15:33:59
    Here's a weird one.

    Basically it was my birthday, and I was having a party during the day with lots of family and friends, and loads of friends turned up who I hadn't seen for years, but ignored me completely, didn't even say hello.

    Then it got weird.

    For some reason we'd hired a petting zoo, but it was a freaky weird one with massive, angry ugly looking demon boars and chickens that looked like they were dying. Everyone took great delight in basically killing the animals and putting them in plastic bags. Then one of the boars started struggling inside the bag, so I had to beat it to death with a shovel, only it just wouldn't die. As I struck it on the head, the skin slowly peeled back until it was just a shiny white skull with eyes, and every blow I made, the eyes bulged larger and larger like they were going to pop up, but never did, so I tapped them back in with the shovel, blinding the boar in the process (the eyes whited over as I did).

    Only it's still looking at me, still squealing away, just basically a boar skull with blinded eyes that keep following me about the garden.

    Then I woke up.
  • L_Franko Moderator 22 Aug 2008 15:38:35 9,695 posts
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    Man, that is a crazy dream. Taken anything before bed?
  • Deleted user 22 August 2008 15:52:38
    I had a dream the other night that everyone on earth was dying really quickly and there were fewer and fewer people around.

    I stole an Enzo Ferrari but couldn't fill it with petrol because I didn't have the keys to the petrol station.
  • captaineurogamer 22 Aug 2008 15:57:48 4,309 posts
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    I sometimes have wet dreams. So annoying cause I have to do shower the next morning.
  • Master_Miller 22 Aug 2008 15:58:32 1,639 posts
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    Most people shower every morning, regardless of wet dreams.
  • L_Franko Moderator 22 Aug 2008 16:06:44 9,695 posts
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    I bang the missus before sleep. Empty the tank to avoid the wet dream. Still nice to have a shower though.
  • Micro_Explosion 29 Aug 2008 00:18:15 9,692 posts
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    Mine from a few weeks/months ago (still the last dream I remember):

    ...In full colour, a dream where I'm sharing a house with at least 6 other people, 3 guys, 3 girls. The men are sat at one table directly opposite me and the girls are sat at a table to my left. There is something happening to the right of me.

    For some reason I decide the tables need to be a little further apart so I move mine away from the centre of the room. The other two groups move theirs to fill the space I've just created.

    Someone next to me starts talking, I lose it and walk off.

    I see someone upstairs who asks me "why did you start shouting at those two reporters?". After a bit of discussion - me arguing that I didn't, it suddenly dawns on me that I did.

    I walk back downstairs to find two female reporters on their knees, talking to some of the other people (for a story I guess). I walk over and get onto my knees and put my hands on one of each of theirs.

    I start apologising about my behaviour, how it was inexcusable and wasn't because of them at all - I had just snapped. One of them is blonde, the other has black hair. The blonde one is slightly more...curvy than the dark haired girl who has hair down to at least her shoulders.

    My focus switches so that the dark haired girl has nearly all my attention. I keep apologising but she must start to think it's sweet or cute because she isn't upset at all and introduces herself as Nicola and writes her number onto my arm. The number has a 2, 4 and a 6 in it I think but can't remember the rest.

    She starts laughing sweetly as I continue to apologise and I tell her my real name (she thought I was called Michael for some reason). I promise to phone her later - I'm keep reassuring her of that as I continue to apologise. As I stand to leave, I keep hold of her hand for as long as I can before walking off.

    The dream was in full colour for the first time that I can remember in my life. I don't know anyone called Nicola.
  • pinkds 2 Sep 2008 20:56:55 1,601 posts
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    I have had a weird half-dream thing since I was a kid. When I say 'dream thing', it normally becomes evident at that point when you're just falling asleep. So more like a halucination than a dream..

    It's also extremely hard to describe. Everything in my head goes into a strange almost pscycadelic (sp) feel. It feels like I'm being constrained, everything has to be counted in numbers or has some kind of rhythm... see what I mean about not being able to describe it.

    It's more a feeling and very visual than actual events like a normal dream.. Everything in my head whirls and it's quite colourful.

    and no, I don't take drugs.

    Sorry about the spelling mistake.
  • Inquisitor Moderator 7 Sep 2008 12:30:13 14,557 posts
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    I had a corker of a dream last night.

    Me and a group of uni friends were staying in some dormitory type room, possibly on holiday, possibly the halls of residence in a different style.

    Anyway, we were having a party, some guys playing keyboards was the only entertainment of the night though (yea, sounds really fun...) so me and some other guys trailed petrol across the keyboards and set them alight.

    Obviously the musicians were pissed of so they chased us into this flooded cellar. We dived in and when we surfaced we were outside, in a sea. We'd found a portal to another world.

    There were huge ships supported by air ballons floating through the skies and the sea was full of weird creatures that sent us scrambling to an abandoned rowing boat. Without warning a giant manta ray like creature lept out of the water and crashed into our vessel, sending us sprawling back into our world.

    I'm guessing time advanced quite a few years because the next thing I remember we were back in their world with thousands of others for a football tournament...One of the natives remarked that it was a shame people were only interested in their world for the tournament, I thought it strange that few cared about the great flying ships or terrifyingly weird sea monsters.
  • Davey 7 Sep 2008 13:23:59 593 posts
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    Alarm went off at 8 this morning, so I turned it off and went back to sleep, not waking for another 3 hours with some weird dream.

    It's a bit fuzzy, but it was results day at uni, and for some reason, we had to do one final module (on results day?!) We had to play a football match and the losers would fail their degrees. The match finished in a draw and went to penalties - everyone was talking about their degrees being decided on a penalty, and how unfair it was.

    What. The. Fuck?
  • Davey 7 Sep 2008 13:26:09 593 posts
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    Inquisitor wrote:
    I'm guessing time advanced quite a few years because the next thing I remember we were back in their world with thousands of others for a football tournament...

    So you dreamed about football too? I seem to dream about it a lot.

    edit: Obviously with some fucked up twist.
  • Deleted user 7 September 2008 13:29:57
    Inquisitor sounds like he's been playing too much Final Fantasy
  • sirtacos 7 Sep 2008 18:37:45 8,279 posts
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    Post deleted
  • Deleted user 7 September 2008 18:40:43
    Fuckin hell
  • sirtacos 7 Sep 2008 18:58:34 8,279 posts
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    Post deleted
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