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  • Mola_Ram 11 May 2021 13:48:45 26,052 posts
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    16Bitnights wrote:
    Glad to hear you are doing alright now.

    Regarding the topic: I saw a documentary by Jordan Peterson where it explains how to fight depression, long story short this can help:
    friends - so that you have someone to talk to
    Job - so you have a sense of purpose
    Omg this Peterson guy is a genius
  • JamboWayOh 11 May 2021 14:13:15 24,972 posts
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    He really is a fucking tool, but because he comes across as calm, like in that channel 4 interview, he's seen as some as some Messiah.
  • challenge_hanukkah 11 May 2021 15:47:23 14,313 posts
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    But he told me to tidy my room. He's a modern day guru.
  • Velocityraptor 11 May 2021 17:35:44 51 posts
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    I've been having a bit of a rough patch recently and worry I may get depressed. Truth be told, I have to acknowledge the shit that's happening to me is nothing compared to a lot of other people, but the fact that it's getting me so down makes me feel even more pathetic.

    I moved house which I'd always imagined would be this big exciting thing, but instead I spend all my time fixing problems/spending money to fix problems, the most of recent of which is a new boiler.

    On top of that my job has been tricky. Basically I will probably lose my job in Feb 2022, which doesn't sound bad on paper and gives me time to find work. But there are very few desirable jobs in my field and I suspect I'll have to resign myself to no career progression until 2024, which knocks back my hopes/plans of family life.

    I also had a big car accident last week which has shaken me quite significantly and asides from costing even more money has left me a bit afraid to drive and makes mobilising/climbing stairs difficult. One of my coping mechanisms of exercise has been ruled out as a result.

    I'm very lucky to have a very supportive other half and family but unfortunately they had a falling out recently regarding something to do with the house which has left me feeling isolated.

    I just feel a bit out of control. I don't really know what I can do. I've tried online CBT previously and didn't find it helpful. I don't know if general feelings of shittiness are a thing I can actually go to talk to someone about.
    I consider myself normally quite a pro active person but its beginning to feel like the more I do, the more goes wrong. Instead there's always the next problem to fix, which inevitably leads to about 3 or 4 new problems.
  • askew 11 May 2021 18:02:14 24,015 posts
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    You've taken the first step by saying something, which is a good thing. Reads like the car accident has been a tipping point, especially since it's affected your mobility. Is that likely to get better with time?
  • Velocityraptor 11 May 2021 18:07:05 51 posts
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    I hope so. Its my knee, and I'm told knees take a bit of time to declare themselves. Probably not worth an mri just yet, but I've been told I'd probably get one if it's still bad in 2 or 3 weeks
  • Dirtbox 12 May 2021 07:38:40 92,528 posts
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    Cheer up you miserable twats.
  • askew 12 May 2021 07:56:36 24,015 posts
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    Wrong side of bed, DB?
  • Load_2.0 12 May 2021 08:51:59 33,522 posts
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    I'd say that the looming prospect of losing your job is enough to be thrown off kilter. That alone is enough to deal with. When you add in other pressures and a car accident I think you're well within your rights to not be at 100%.

    It's normal to compare yourself to others dire situations and feel a weird guilt but top trumps like that never works, I mean if that's the case no one should feel off unless they're a starving limbless orphan stuck in a well!

    It's good to be able to identify the issues. I'd speak to someone about those as a first step and maybe try to start a proactive approach to the career issue. Even small steps there might help with the pressure.

    And DB careful you don't cut yourself on that edge brah.
  • hillbilly66 13 May 2021 14:28:09 3,467 posts
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    Sheckelberg wrote:
    Any one diagnosed Schizoaffective?? :)
    Diagnosed Schizophrenic. What the difference is I have no idea, but after 20 years experience, there is a big overlap in terms of symptoms and also medication.

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  • hillbilly66 13 May 2021 14:34:15 3,467 posts
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    Olanzapine. Although I have had periods of not taking it. Yeah I've got the thinking I'm jesus and telepathic with everybody in the world. Social withdrawal as consequence of misinterpreting people.
  • hillbilly66 13 May 2021 14:42:00 3,467 posts
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    Yeah you go through phases of going down the rabbit hole with delusions and thoughts but to be honest you learn about yourself. Learn not to trust yourself if you get shit wrong.

    Diabetes is in my family so I'll probably develop it down the line, Olanzapine does make you gain weight and feel sedated. They were going to put me on Clozapine claiming it's a wonder drug but because I was lying about not taking the Olanzapine they insist I stay on it. I've had anxiety recently and panic attacks are way worse than any psychotic symptoms I've experienced.
  • RawShark 13 May 2021 23:30:12 2,080 posts
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    @Velocityraptor sounds like youíve gone through a lot.

    I also didnít find CBT that useful. Itís popular because itís cheap and it puts the onus on you to fix yourself. It might work for some but for me it was putting a plaster over a gaping crack in the hull.

    For me, I feel like you just have to ride things out sometimes. Tell people how you feel and the youíre going to be hunkering down and waiting for the storm to pass. If they are expecting you to be superman, theyíre going to be gravely disappointed. But preparing them is for the best as it is so easy to lash out when you feel like this, and that will just make you feel worse.

    Moving house sucks. Job uncertainty sucks. But better days lie ahead. Take each day as it comes and donít be afraid to scream into a pillow.
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