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  • gang_of_bitches 4 May 2007 13:38:15 5,707 posts
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    Just for the info of you retail legislation fans. IIRC at least 10% of the titles covered have to be available at the "from" price.

    As for stickering. Yes as long as you remove the product from sale for 24 hours you don't have to honour the price. Must say when I was a shop monkey, this used to annoy the shit out of me. People, no people isn't the right word, cunts, that's the one I'm looking for, used to come up to the counter with stuff that had clearly had the sticker changed and then kick off when I wouldn't sell them some chart DVD for 1.99. As I said CUNTS.
  • Deleted user 4 May 2007 13:39:03
    I got a 19" widescreen TFT years ago (when they were fing expensive) from PC World. It said 429 on the shelf, and, believe it or not, that was a damn good price in those days, so I got one.

    Put it through the till, and it came up 229. Whistling nonchalently, I put my face into 'unstunned' mode, paid up and legged it home.
  • sanctusmortis 5 May 2007 09:58:26 9,914 posts
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    The Bradford one has a repair centre. It broke a friend of mine's PC even worse than his original issue and refused to give him it back. It took him SIX MONTHS to get it sorted.

    Yeah, don't go in PC World. Let them die out.
  • Biggles 5 May 2007 10:29:52 56 posts
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    PES_Fanboy - "Didn't you look at the amount on the chip & PIN device when you were asked to enter your PIN?"

    Can't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure it was before chip and pin. Anyway, the guy was making a right hassle about how to actually do the payments. Probably could have guessed it was going to get screwed up, but they were still arses about sorting it out later on down the line.
  • mull 5 May 2007 10:40:51 463 posts
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    I used to work in PC World. I sold loads of USB cables to grannies for 15 quid a pop. I think I'll burn in hell.
  • Deleted user 5 May 2007 10:43:36
    Only had a difference between the price label and the till price there once. I got a Dreamcast scart lead which was priced up at fifteen quid but when they scanned it in the price came up as 2.99.

    I asked if that was right and the bloke said - "it doesn't matter mate - if that's what it says that's all i'll charge you."

  • heyyo 7 May 2007 00:10:27 14,356 posts
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    I needed an IDE cable and crossover ethernet cable urgently.

    Hence, PC World charging 15.99 for a fucking flat grey IDE cable :| and 24.99 for the ethernet cable!

    I've never gone back snice.
  • Introspectre 7 May 2007 00:10:32 3,274 posts
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    Mr-T wrote:
    What does everyone think about the customer service?

    Gits left me standing for 15 mins trying to find a keyboard.

    Why look for a keyboard in PC World? Get on eBay for a good one.
  • sanctusmortis 7 May 2007 22:47:01 9,914 posts
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    Or go to Maplins. They actually know stuff.
  • Deleted user 7 May 2007 22:53:40
    I had the rather foolish thought that I could go into PC World this weekend and pick up some sensibly priced RAM. Urrr, yeah. How much might a 1Gb stick of PC3200 memory cost? Why yes, SEVENTY FUCKING QUID. The fact that you can get faster memory for less than half that online appears to not bother them. Unbelievable.
  • rock27gr 7 May 2007 23:07:38 6,436 posts
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    sanctusmortis wrote:
    Or go to Maplins. They actually know stuff.

    Sure, only they don't sell logitech keyboards/mouse! (well, not in my local one anyway!)

  • smugla 8 May 2007 00:17:17 2,295 posts
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    all they want to do is sell u extended warrantees
  • Deleted user 25 November 2010 10:56:01
    Post deleted
  • DUFFMAN5 9 Oct 2014 16:14:45 26,466 posts
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    Sorry to bump an old thread, but had to post.
    We have 3 ipads all the leads have stopped working, so "live-chat" Apple chap who says we can "simply" return the leads to any Apple store and they will replace, fair enough...
    Our local Apple store is actually in PCworld/Curries so I try to find their phone number (portsmouth branch) on the net, no luck just a generic every store number.
    I phone that and after several button presses after several options I get through to a chap called Dave, who asks my Post code, address, and lastly my name, I enquired why you would open a conversation with such questions, I am told this is to help find if I have bought from them before...

    On to the issue in hand I tell him what has happened and what Apple suggests, he then tells me I'm not speaking to the Portsmouth store but he(HE) will try and give them a phone and find out if the information I have been given is correct.

    He then comes back to the phone to tell me he can't get through to the Portsmouth branch at the moment but I can phone him/call centre back and they will try again or I can visit the store...so I asked for the number so I could phone them, only to be told that he is not a liberty to give me the number FUCKIN WHAT!! it is not their policy to give out individual store numbers. I told him he had to be joking, but no he just would not give me the phone number.

    I told him that I had just read the customer service for PC world and that it stank and that it was a fucking joke.
  • mrpon 9 Oct 2014 16:20:47 36,743 posts
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    Sounds shitty.
  • Rhaegyr 9 Oct 2014 16:23:21 5,310 posts
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    As someone who used to work for Currys for a few years I can confirm this was the case - for some stupid reason all calls had to go to the main switchboard and then be put through to individual stores. Nobody answers the phone either because people who call the store are usually calling to complain or return something, not buy a very expensive piece of equipment and the sales stuff just can't be bothered when the managers are constantly badgering you with 'why haven't you done your sales target?!'.
  • Deleted user 9 October 2014 16:25:04
    Devious little shits, I remember buying a Sony monitor from them years ago, they were trying to get me to sign an extended 3 year warranty for it (I mean real hard sell stuff) so I let them go on then informed them that Sony products automatically come with a 3 year warranty anyway (well, they did at that time, don't know about now). They didn't know were to look because they obviously knew I knew they were trying to screw me over.
  • Rhaegyr 9 Oct 2014 16:31:42 5,310 posts
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    Sony warranty's don't cover accidental damage ;)

    I used to tell my customers to buy the warranty, then when they want an upgrade just chuck it down the stairs or pour lemonade in it - they then get a top of the range model for about 1/6 of the price.
  • cowell 9 Oct 2014 17:09:37 2,221 posts
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    I hate myself a little bit more every time I have to spend time or money with this chain
  • Rhaegyr 9 Oct 2014 17:31:59 5,310 posts
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    cowell wrote:
    I hate myself a little bit more every time I have to spend time or money with this chain
    Try putting the uniform on 5 days a week - the epitome of self-loathing.
  • convercide 10 Oct 2014 11:33:19 6,434 posts
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    Yeah the brief time I worked at Currys was hell. They'd rather someone buy a shit laptop with every cover plan and antivirus and tech support than have someone buy an expensive good laptop that'd last them a few years. Margin innit but they really are too numbers driven.

    Do they still force the staff to do the Fives bollocks?
  • Rhaegyr 10 Oct 2014 11:53:56 5,310 posts
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    The fives stuff was just coming in as I left (think this was 2008) - I'm sure they still have to wear those stupid bracelets and ask the same three question every single time when approaching a customer.

    Met some really cool people there (usually the warehouse staff) but the atmosphere was toxic, especially in sales.
  • Deleted user 10 October 2014 12:20:21
    32 pieces of flair?
  • TheSaint 10 Oct 2014 12:27:50 20,282 posts
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    Since when have PC World had Apple stores in them?
  • iancognito 10 Oct 2014 12:36:27 2,476 posts
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    I didn't know what fives was. Is it this?

    I worked for Currys and PC World for a couple of years when I was a student many years ago. They had a similar script then, which I can still remember (my student brain must have been absorbing anything and everything). Not everyone used it so maybe they're forcing it on the staff more. Don't think I'd want to go back to it. I had an experience of some good and some absolute bastard staff and customers.
  • TheSaint 10 Oct 2014 12:40:42 20,282 posts
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    I used to work there when I was a student as well and thinking back it was so fucking dodgy it's a wonder they are still in business.

    As an example in our store we were always told to add PPI to all credit agreements and only remove it if the customer queried it. The interest on those agreements was also something crazy like 28%.
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