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  • Moomin27 23 Apr 2007 21:58:44 15 posts
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    i have recently got mind quiz and having lots of fun with it. Only one training module has me stumped so far...
    "lets shout" where you shout the name of the fruit on the screen. The DS just doesn't seem to "hear" me properly, usually the first couple are no problem but then it doesn't register that i'm saying anything!
    My friend has the same problem but i dont know anyone else with the game. i wondered if my mic on the DS was faulty or if its the game or something i'm not doing right?
  • Deleted user 23 April 2007 22:03:00
  • Deleted user 23 April 2007 22:03:20
    Had no problem with the voice recognition on Brain Training but i couldn't get on with Mind Quiz either. There's only so loud i can sit in my living room shouting "STRAWBERRY!" over and over before i imagine the neighbours phoning the local funny farm.
  • otto Moderator 28 May 2007 11:16:19 49,322 posts
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    DS voice recognition is patchy at the best of times, and if you haven't got a standard American accent then forget it.
  • qwerty123 1 Jul 2007 10:19:06 231 posts
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    The latest game to be pulled

    I heard on the radio last night, apparently if your rubbish it calls you a Super Spastic


  • MrSensible 1 Jul 2007 11:13:04 26,523 posts
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    Weird. We didn;t get any emails about this at work at all, but when I checked through the upcoming mint recall it was included in there. They usually tell us these things.
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