Toshiba laptop - good deal?

  • shrubby 26 May 2007 14:24:46 17 posts
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    Could any of you knowledgeable people have a look at this.

    I've seen laptops of a similar spec going for about 150 more than this. Could somebody look at this laptop and answer a few question s I have?

    - Will this be able to run DVDs smoothly (a friend with a very similar spec plays them with stuttering)
    -Is this graphics card adequate for modern games (not interested in running them at the very highest detail settings)
    -Anyone have any experience with his particular laptop? Is it any good?
    -Any noticeable reason that its so damn cheap? ;)

    Any help is much appreciated

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  • cubbymoore 26 May 2007 14:29:36 36,677 posts
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    Comes with Vista but not enough ram to really support it. No other significant software.
  • shrubby 26 May 2007 14:44:17 17 posts
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    The lack of software isn't really a problem.

    How will the lack of RAM show itself - slightly slower or will it be utterly useless? How much RAM is realistically needed?
  • cubbymoore 26 May 2007 14:50:55 36,677 posts
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    Oh wait sorry it's been updated since I last looked at it. They've put an extra 512mb of ram in with the package, that's alright then. I'm guessing you'll have to install that yourself.
  • shrubby 26 May 2007 18:19:42 17 posts
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    Thanks for all the help.

    Can I ask why laptops always have less processing power than desktops? Its something that happens even at the highest end - the best processor i could see on an alienware notebook was 2.4 Ghz compared to 3.2 on a desktop.

    Do laptops need less processing power to run? (because they are less demanding) Or is it just harder to cram a good processor into a laptop?
  • Deleted user 26 May 2007 18:20:25
  • moggsy 26 May 2007 19:45:48 3,859 posts
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    and the fact it has to be able to run from a battery for a reasonable amount of time. The latest fastest processors are very power hungry and so need a permanent mains supply.
  • uiruki 26 May 2007 20:04:45 4,494 posts
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    As an example of the power difference, I have a 17" laptop which has a desktop processor in it, and it's rated at 89W. You can now get top-end PC power supplies which are rated for a whole kilowatt - imagine the amount of heat that'd generate, then imagine it on your lap. Toasty!

    Oh yeah, said laptop has a battery which lasts maybe 2 hours when playing a DVD. Processor tech's come on leaps and bounds but battery tech simply hasn't.

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  • urban 26 May 2007 20:16:22 13,009 posts
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    can't remember where i read it but laptop numbers will soon out number towers?

    realised that was off topic and dumb =]

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  • Boundy 27 May 2007 18:35:09 959 posts
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    Instead of creating a new thread, can someone recommend a cheap laptop with 1GB of ram but preferably a dual core processor instead of a celeron and maybe even Vista Home Premium?

    Looking at 400-500 please. :)

    Only need to be using it for web developement and won't be playing any games on it.
  • heyyo 27 May 2007 18:43:32 14,356 posts
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    There's loads for that spec and price range, all basically the same.

    Choose which you like the look of or has the best software
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