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  • YenooR 28 Jul 2012 14:59:17 540 posts
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    Looking forward to playing this with trophies
  • DUFFMAN5 28 Jul 2012 15:06:33 22,833 posts
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    SolidSCB wrote:
    Trophies come in August. It'll be a patch so you don't have to worry about buying an updated copy or anything... stupid.
    I only asked! ;)
  • bobdebob 29 Jul 2012 15:03:44 601 posts
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    Thought this might be interesting:Kojima says games shouldn't try to tell stories.

    This coming from a guy who's last major game contained 30 minute cutscenes.

    Either something was lost in translation or he's lost it.

    (Or his latest attempt at self-sabotage, he was always saying he wanted to stop doing MGS.)

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  • dominalien 3 Aug 2012 19:46:58 8,549 posts
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    Trophy list.

    I suppose there are also secret trophies, not mentioned on the blog.
  • andywilkie35 3 Aug 2012 19:48:44 5,337 posts
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    Good stuff :)
  • Deleted user 3 August 2012 20:01:59
    Trophy patch is coming on Monday! Also, that list isn't complete, it looks like around half of the trophies will be hidden and most likely associated with the various acts. Still, I CANNOT fucking wait! :D
  • Deleted user 6 August 2012 01:26:05
    The MGS4 trophy patch just went live in the UK folks. It weighs in at 516MB and adds trophies as well as the ability to install the game onto the HDD for a total of 9GB. Metal Gear Online has been removed from the title screen due to the service ending and replaced by the "Install" option.

    It took over four frickin years but itís finally here :D
  • King_Edward 6 Aug 2012 07:39:21 11,470 posts
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    4 years to install? Still quicker than Resistance 3. :)
  • andywilkie35 6 Aug 2012 08:40:23 5,337 posts
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    Looks like all other games are going on hold whilst I replay this beaut
  • andijames 6 Aug 2012 13:10:14 2,879 posts
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    Hmmm. Debating whether to whack this in tonight and start from scratch! Must admit i'm now VERY tempted :)
  • Deleted user 20 September 2012 15:51:43
    Just completed my second playthrough, my first since launch. Really enjoyed it. Its the first game in quite a while where i have lost time to the game. Normally atm, i sit up after half an hour and sort of start getting distracted. This i played a few hours at a time and didn't realised.

    When i first played this, i enjoyed it, it felt really fractured though, (in a way it still is) and the game didn't quite live up to my expectations (thats not to say i didn't enjoy it). Since the dust as settled, i sort of admire its flaws.

    The first is the massive over convoluted story - but the storytelling and the nature of it, drew me in. I didn't get a lot of the back story , i think not playing the other games for ages is probably the reasoning behind that despite the games best efforts to tell you - the whole A.I system stuff it a bit jarring and the way the patriots, liquid, big boss, mama all had different plans and plans for plans of other plans. More plans! was a bit... well just make your mind up! But when games at the moment make no effort at all to drag you in now this was sort of fuck yes quite meaty good gaming story of yesteryear feeling.

    I really need to replay the whole series again.

    Also the gameplay, i like how each chapter is broken up into styles, but a couple of them could have been explored fuller. Just as you get used to the system, it ends and you want more, but can't have it. You don't really get much time to take each stage in. I would have loved to fully explored shadow moses, and take my time doing so. Ok there are more pressing matters but still. Still little things made the game- like how you can aid militia and they help you back (the bit where they are about to be exectuted and you can intervene is great). There just needs to be a little more of that throughout the game.

    In a sense MGS4 is a massive thank you game, and it hides it flaws for that, and i don't mind. The refrences to past games are great and implemented so well. The characters despite not playing any of the games for years, i was really emotionally attached too. Seeing Hal and Snake realise there time and purpose were nearing a conclusions was quite deppressing. You can't really see how they could move on. In a way i'm sure that was a bit of a dig at the fans complaing that snake was old in the first reveals.

    Graphics are still amazing. they are so good, and few games now reach them. The gameplay fractured, but great.

    Trophy wise, you really need to sort of go out of your way to do them, only got 4/5 and they were all end of chapter ones. Finished with scoprion, inchworm and lobster, with a playtime of 15 hours.

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  • richardiox 11 Jan 2013 18:25:31 7,054 posts
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    Just started playing this myself. Loved MGS 1 and 3, picked up a PS3 about a year ago but for some reason only now picked up MGS4.

    I'm sure ill love the game but one hour in and I'm not impressed by the tech side at all. Flat low res textures and regular drops in the framerate. Plus it's lacking the nice crisp 'pop' of being in HD (pretty sure it runs sub-HD?) I wouldn't be so shocked but I remember at the time of its release it was being hailed as "best GFX ever - couldn't be done on a 360 etc"

    Coming after playing MGS3 in 720P HD at a rock solid 60fps this suffers in comparison. Granted it must be 4 years old now but still...

    Still, shouldn't be such a graphics whore and looking forward to getting more stuck in later tonight.

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