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  • anephric 25 Aug 2019 18:46:29 3,426 posts
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    elstoof wrote:
    Iíve never had anything like that in north London
    Last time(s) was in a) Stoke (specifically Longton, utter shithole even for Stoke) and b) Walsall.

    I frequent some nice places.
  • KRadiation 29 Aug 2019 08:33:08 1,472 posts
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    Went into work Tuesday despite feeling pretty ill. Got progressively worse yesterday. flu symptoms.

    Woke up today feeling worse but I'm on the early for work opening up. so thought I'll force myself to go in and ask to leave at 12 when the other manager comes in and go home sick.

    Get to the train station, sat on a bench full on raging temperature.. feeling terrible. And some poor guys come and thrown himself off a bridge in front of a train - thankfully his aim was bad and he didnt get killed but just badly injured at the side on the tracks.

    So... trains were cancelled now for a few hours and I dont drive ... I'm feeling even worse having just witnessed this as well and having to talk to the police so I phone the other manager and ask if they can make it in asap and we can try to get cover for the late shift or worst case she would have to do a 9am till 8pm shift and I'll make it up to her.

    (I've covered her before and done the same shift so thought she would understand)

    Her response?

    "There is no way I'm doing a 9 till 8 shift. you'll have to come in. I feel rough as well."

    "I cant.. It was going to be a struggle doing 7 till 12. but theres no trains now because of this incident. We could try and ask...

    "just make it into work I'm getting up now!"
    and she hangs up on me!

    Fucking insane.

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  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 29 Aug 2019 08:57:19 3,588 posts
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    "I am not going to be in work regardless so this is up to you now. I am unable to make it. Bye."

    Does sound a shitty situation though with all the stuff though.
  • THFourteen 29 Aug 2019 08:59:28 53,012 posts
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    Sounds like you made her sick you heartless swine.
  • Rogueywon Most Generous Forumite, 2016 29 Aug 2019 09:00:19 6,533 posts
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    @KRadiation Train suicides are the worst. If his aim had been better, you'd probably have been looking for a dry cleaner around now.

    I mean, if somebody has decided to go that way, then they're serious about it (success rate is very high and what you saw this morning was the exception to the rule) and it's not some "cry for help". But it's deeply traumatic for the driver and for anybody else who witnesses it.
  • KRadiation 29 Aug 2019 09:18:34 1,472 posts
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    The noise he made and what could have happened hasnt left my head. Walked home and threw up as soon as I got to the bathroom. Not good.
    I'm just really angry now that she was such an arse about it all. Fuck me.
  • KRadiation 29 Aug 2019 11:42:27 1,472 posts
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    Oh dear it continues... shes just sent me a text telling me I'm out of order for refusing to come to work over just a cold.
  • Deleted user 29 August 2019 11:55:45
    That would be a fever (not a cold) and shock at an attempted suicide... and shock at working with such a twat of a work colleague.
  • fontgeeksogood 29 Aug 2019 12:11:04 7,025 posts
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    How good are the HR team at work? I'd go fucking batshit at that sort of thing
  • KRadiation 29 Aug 2019 12:13:11 1,472 posts
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    I've just emailed someone about it funnily enough.
  • JamboWayOh 29 Aug 2019 12:16:49 15,074 posts
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    God, some people are just born cunts aren't they?
  • Slint1000 29 Aug 2019 15:45:18 3,546 posts
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    How selfish getting Ill AND seeing an attempted suicide on the same day, and asking someone to return a favour youíve already done for them in the past.

    What an arsehole. Hopefully HR see your side on this.
  • Dougs 29 Aug 2019 15:47:25 90,576 posts
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    That's some nasty shit.
  • RevolvingKenneth 29 Aug 2019 15:52:22 39 posts
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    If your HR team is worth its salt they'll get you at least one free cunt punch on her for compensation.
  • Saul_Iscariot 30 Aug 2019 08:52:43 3,187 posts
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    Why is it that when I was younger I wasnít allowed to stand on the stairs of a double decker bus when it was in transit, but now I am older and a lot less steady on my feet , if I have to go up to the top deck the cunts will pull away whilst I am still going up the steps to try and find a seat?
  • Nexus_6 30 Aug 2019 10:43:36 4,327 posts
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    Because all bus drivers are cunts.
  • Fab4 8 Sep 2019 01:54:11 8,854 posts
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    Cunting neighbours coming home at 1:30 in the fucking morning and playing their shitty music at fucking concert levels.
  • DangerousDave_87 8 Sep 2019 23:56:10 6,408 posts
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    Post deleted
  • DangerousDave_87 8 Sep 2019 23:56:50 6,408 posts
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    Make sure you return the favour at 9am when they've finally got to sleep. Something with a lot of bass and repetition.
  • KnuttinAtoll 12 Sep 2019 12:17:58 7,438 posts
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    Three, in terms of gaming mechanics.

    Many AAA games (or otherwise, though I notice this issue particularly in those) let you perform an action 3 times until the desired outcome presents itself.

    For example in games like Tomb Raider, you're supposed to kick in a wall, you need to perform the kick 3 times before it crumbles and you can progress.

    Or missions in the Witcher 3, you search 2 areas for an item before the 3rd is, predicably most of the time, the one where you'll be successful.

    Talk to random strangers, the third one will give you what you're looking for.

    Three main characters in GTA5. Why not two? or four?

    Collect certain items in order to combine them, usually it's 3 pieces.

    Yeah I get that 3 is a sweet spot kind of number but it's such a tired old trope it's really bugging me these days as I already know when I have to perform something in a game that is seemingly based on chance, I know already that I'll be 3rd time lucky. Yawn, yawn and yawn.

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  • fontgeeksogood 12 Sep 2019 15:47:52 7,025 posts
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    Just do something twice, then quit and resume from your last save point and try again. Boom. Five
  • adamasunder12 12 Sep 2019 15:53:48 926 posts
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    @KnuttinAtoll Rule of 3 rules supreme. Three acts in a film for instance. It's psychologically satisfying to humans so it ain't going away I'm afraid no matter how arbitrary some of its applications may be.

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  • neilka 12 Sep 2019 16:07:33 22,710 posts
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    It reflects the patterns observed in nature, like the number of observable dimensions, the number of states of matter, and the number of testicles on a healthy human man.
  • KnuttinAtoll 12 Sep 2019 16:12:43 7,438 posts
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    @adamasunder12 rule of thirds in photography... yep it's all too common.

    But bloody predictable when it comes to gaming... although imagine a game making you do the same bit 4 times in a row, people would probably be up in arms calling it a grind fest.

    What would work for me is if I just have to press A/X/whatever once, and the on-screen action is performed in a random fashion (say between 2-5 times) at least that way you still have an element of surprise while you're not having to keep pressing the same button each time.

    I guess I'm overthinking this
  • wuntyphyve 12 Sep 2019 16:26:46 12,798 posts
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    Three is perfect. Four times is tedious and two is not enough. It's why I do three poos in a day. Just feels right. Two poos make me think I merely pinched the first off prematurely and four poos is a potential issue with my tummyworks.
  • Decks Best Forumite, 2016 12 Sep 2019 16:28:32 21,090 posts
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    I've never understood multi pooers. 1 a day is more than enough pooing.
  • wuntyphyve 12 Sep 2019 16:30:13 12,798 posts
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    I like to make sure I'm empty and clean inside. Generally I'll poo until my colon hangs out.
  • Load_2.0 12 Sep 2019 16:30:32 29,927 posts
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    One a day is for amateurs.
  • fontgeeksogood 12 Sep 2019 16:31:29 7,025 posts
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    I reckon I do more wanks than poos
  • Decks Best Forumite, 2016 12 Sep 2019 16:32:28 21,090 posts
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    Your anus must be in tatters.
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