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  • Zackv4861 3 Nov 2014 18:07:24 1,191 posts
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    @Lukus Genius!!! I have noticed at times i'm a little heavy handed. I will try to keep that in mind, to be honest I don't think i'll forget it after that comment.lol
  • OllyJ 14 Sep 2020 11:35:20 4,866 posts
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    I started learning piano during lockdown, I'm 40, and it's been a massive regret to have never done this so here I am...started in July and still keeping up daily practice.

    I got a Casio cdp s100 after a bit of research, as it seemed the slimmest and offered a decent sound, very happy with it.

    Also researched how to learn, as of course it's going to be self taught for now, and I settled of Alfred's All in One, and have to say it's been really good, learning the reading and playing at the same time, I'm amking sure I can playt each piece with confidence before moving on so I'm about 60% through right now.

    Breakthroughs I had:

    Yousician was doing more harm than good, it's too much of a video game.

    I still haven't fully figured out every line and space on the Grand Staff...and that's fine, bits a clicking every week or so.

    Learning one hand then the other, and playing slooooow to get things to sink in. Took me over a week to play "Brahms lullaby"...in what I imagine is a really simple form. Again, that's fine, I got over the hurdle.

    Chords are not sinking in to memory, as in i'm not remembering the shapes and notes. So I need to focus on that individually.

    I need a teacher as soon as I can.

    What do people think of getting an online teacher via skyp etc? Any experience here?
  • JoeBlade 14 Sep 2020 14:38:08 6,034 posts
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    I don't play the piano (or any instrument for that matter) myself but my bestie has been learning the piano for a number of years. Given the corona situation her lessons have all been via video conferencing the past months.

    She told me it's manageable but far from ideal. For conversation purposes she and her teacher want to focus the camera on their respective faces but he should also be able to see how she's moving her hands during the lessons. There's no easy way to achieve that as she obviously can't focus a camera on her hands and play piano at the same time.

    Note that she's already learned to play the piano as a kid (though only the very basics) and, like I said, has been taking lessons for years. So I'm not sure how it'd work out for someone with very limited experience in these circumstances.
  • OllyJ 14 Sep 2020 15:29:58 4,866 posts
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    yeah, that's my concern really, you need to be able fully see what someone is doing with no real sync/delay issues.

    Find it hard to see how useful it would be, maybe the theory side of things it would be ok....
  • Deleted user 14 September 2020 17:30:04
    @JoeBlade you could do a multiple platform Skype or somesuch system on a laptop and a phone and connect them up to have a four screen call.
  • JoeBlade 14 Sep 2020 17:48:49 6,034 posts
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    @Mr_Sleep She already found ways around it; it's definitely not impossible, just more difficult. Plus she's been taking lessons for years, it might be too much of a challenge or at least frustrating for someone new.
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