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  • RelaxedMikki 13 Jan 2018 09:39:31 2,521 posts
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    £14 in the co-op over Xmas.

    I do reckon the stuff brewed while Castro was still alived will be an investment though. Buy ten bottles in sainsburys and stick them in the loft. They'll be worth plenty in ten years time. Worst case scenario is you have some lovely rum in the loft.
  • Mola_Ram 13 Jan 2018 09:41:49 17,568 posts
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    Mola_Ram wrote:

    Pretty funny that a director like Scorcese could make a movie called "Silence", given that most of his modern movies are about people yelling at each other. But I digress...

    This one is about Jesuit missionaries in 17th century Japan. It's slow, spiritual and striking in its beauty. Stars Adam Driver (who looks like he's starving), Liam Neeson, and the dreamy Asano Tadanobu.

    Just going to repost this, it seemed to get lost in the "Rate the last rum you drank out of 100" thread.
  • Decks Best Forumite, 2016 13 Jan 2018 09:44:36 13,350 posts
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    No one cares about your stupid film review mola.

    So what's good to have with rum? Just straight? I've been drinking it with a splash of coke.
  • Mola_Ram 13 Jan 2018 09:45:47 17,568 posts
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  • macmurphy 13 Jan 2018 09:49:31 2,992 posts
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    Ginger ale apparently.
  • Syrette 13 Jan 2018 10:10:00 49,783 posts
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    Decks wrote:
    I've been drinking it with a splash of coke.
    Rum and Coke is a summer only drink for me.
  • JoelStinty 13 Jan 2018 10:11:16 6,259 posts
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    Only Yesterday

    A gentle tale of adulthood from Studio Ghibli. ( Isao Takahata)

    Story tells of Taekeo , a young adult (late twenties) whose life isn't happy or sad , but just being, travel to the countryside to spend her summer working in the fields, upon which she starts having memories of the ten year old self, the year in which her year group at school are introduced to adult concepts such as dating and bodily changes such as periods.

    As her adult story is played out - her two stories combine to give a real portrait of this woman, As with most studio ghibli stuff, the portrait is played with real authenticity and suprisngly it drew me in a lot. I can't really recommend the film to everyone as i know it will probably bore a lot of people , but i found it quite engaging and it's story relatable - that slightly awkward person whom just sits on the outside and struggles to identify with how 'normal' life is played, trying to find her own way in life. In that sense it is a universal story but will probably ring true more with some than others.


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  • Bichii 13 Jan 2018 10:30:27 518 posts
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    Hitmans bodyguard.

    Loved it. Funny.


    American made

    Pretty entertaining in places but disappointed

  • askew 13 Jan 2018 10:57:18 16,347 posts
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    Mojitos, baby!
  • Dougs 13 Jan 2018 10:59:35 85,219 posts
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    Did sailors add coke to it? Neat is the only way, surely. Disclaimer I don't like rum
  • mrpon 13 Jan 2018 11:58:05 34,285 posts
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    Dougs wrote:
    Get Out. 7.5/10, enjoyed that muchly. A decent take on the genre and more than a little unsettling. Good stuff.
    Ditto! On NowTV for any subbers.
  • drhcnip 13 Jan 2018 12:02:11 5,887 posts
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    rum & peppermint cordial, especially when you have a cold......
  • Zomoniac 13 Jan 2018 12:04:04 9,639 posts
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    People who add mixers to nice spirits are strange. Anyway, Plantation OFTD is excellent.
  • Dougs 13 Jan 2018 12:12:26 85,219 posts
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    What about gin?
  • GuybrushThreepwood 13 Jan 2018 12:31:37 2,151 posts
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    The last jedi - 65%

    As someone who saw a New Hope (aka Star Wars) at the age of 11 in the cinema with no idea of any of the buzz about the film when I went in, Star Wars has always had a place in my heart.

    Parts of this film for me were 10 out of 10. Those parts were with Mark Hamil who I never thought would ever be the best actor in a film he was in, but to me he was by a long way in this. The rest of them with the exception of Poe and Kylo were not very good. Flyn and his sidekick were particularly annoying and I could have done without their part of the film. It reminded me too much of a certain film with pod racing at times.

    I could have watched Luke all day and I shed a tear at the end as it took me back forty years. That for me was the great part of this story as I remembered the kid I was and the journey I've been on with these characters ever since. I'm sorry to say that as one generation departs the next are not exactly stepping up to the plate.

    As for the plot, I thought it was... Not very good. Good intro, sucky middle side from Luke and reasonable ending which was too predictable and too happy. I really don't understand why either Phasma or Snoke were in this trilogy, both were a pair of Flynns.

    Anyway, it was a decent enough film but could have been so much better. Less heavy handed message imparting, more acting, better script (I liked the humour) with less "in the nick of time" shit, more of them and less brain dead baddies (did the first order run out of tie fighters?) and more of the stuff we saw at the start and it would have felt epic. As it was, it felt like just a film.

    At least it reminded me of that little kids sense of wonder all those years ago, when like them, I had my whole life ahead of me and so many options. I'm glad they got Mark back for this, I wasn't sure beforehand.
  • Captain_Toad 13 Jan 2018 20:23:26 576 posts
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    Three Billboards.† Fucking hell.† Its a GREAT film.
  • Jono62 13 Jan 2018 22:16:36 19,563 posts
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    Just had a Pink Pigeon rum from Aldi. Very nice with a hint of vanilla.


    This is the rum thread?
  • damagedinc 13 Jan 2018 22:27:58 2,640 posts
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    Captain_Toad wrote:
    Three Billboards. Fucking hell. Its a GREAT film.
    So good isn't it!!
  • MadCaddy13 13 Jan 2018 22:59:31 2,829 posts
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    John Wick

    Late to the party on this.
    Didnít think much of it. Stuff just happened. A lot of innocent Russians got shot in the head. Like, a lot.

  • Captain_Toad 13 Jan 2018 23:06:00 576 posts
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    @damagedinc yes my friend, I want to high five you then man hug you because we both recognise greatness.

    I won't though, because..... well, because its the internet and its physically impossible to do so.

    Even the ending which left everything hanging seemed perfect.

    Its so nice to see a well regarded film I actually agree with the reviews.† Was getting sick of watching highly rated films only to end up wondering what the critics were smoking.
  • Dougs 13 Jan 2018 23:15:46 85,219 posts
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    Negan wrote:
    Gin is grim, just the smell of it turns my stomach.
    Heathen! Awesome drink, especially as an aperitif. As long as it's not that Gordon's rubbish though. Which is vile.
  • mangojoe 13 Jan 2018 23:42:25 1,757 posts
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    What a month to have got an Unlimited card.

    Darkest Hour 9/10 surely best actor for Oldman

    Three Billboards 9/10

    Hostiles 8/10
  • Pierre2k 14 Jan 2018 01:44:16 1,002 posts
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    I'm late to the party here, but having picked up a new Xbox One X at the beginning of December, I was given this on UHD Blu-ray at Xmas. First movie on the format.

    Probably not worth me picking through details on a popular film many will have seen, but...wow! Easily the best thing Nolan has done since the Dark Knight, and probably better. How such a long film, with such little dialogue, can be so captivating, emotional and poignant blows my mind. The real life backdrop of the years of conflict ahead only makes it hit harder. Stunningly shot, spectacular on UHD (more for the HDR than the resolution), incredibly well paced, and with great performances. The movie was well received on release and I'd say it's not even slightly overrated. Bloody hell, I even didn't mind the insufferable Harry Styles in it.

  • LittleSparra 14 Jan 2018 01:45:54 7,926 posts
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    Julia and Julie.

    Meryl Streep was fab, the Julie story was dull and boring and not interesting.
  • Dougs 14 Jan 2018 07:46:55 85,219 posts
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    @Pierre2k nice, picked up the Blu Ray the other day, mostly for the audio mix with my surround sound (which I've heard is great). Looking forward to that tonight (apparently it's a Sunday film according to my wife...)
  • GuybrushThreepwood 14 Jan 2018 08:35:59 2,151 posts
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    @Dougs I've got it to watch with my dad one weekend. Looking forwards to it.

    Unlike spiderman homecoming which I saw last night and didn't get on with at all.
  • Pierre2k 14 Jan 2018 08:51:05 1,002 posts
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    I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. Not that it matters too.much, but I'd suggest trying to watch it on the biggest screen you have. This isn't a movie for viewing on an iPad or the small TV in the spare room. It's filmed on a grand scale (most was filmed with large film IMAX cameras) so worth viewing on the largest format you have available.

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