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  • mikeck 9 Dec 2012 14:14:16 1,936 posts
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    CrispyXUK wrote:
    iHAZaCHEEZ3burger wrote:
    CrispyXUK wrote:
    Predators 7/10

    or anything memorable
    The samurai scene is pretty memorable!
    I remember it, but not the visuals, atmosphere, music, characters, nothing. There's more tension, humour and character and that single chopper scene in the first predator than the sequels combined.
    I felt a great deal of apathy for this film after watching it, just didn't do much for me.

    Also, I remember being sucked in by the trailer which showed Brody's character being targeted by multiple predators (one target appeared, and then his body was covered in them). This never happened in the film, he was only targeted by one sight in the actual scene.

    I don't know why it bothered me so much, but it did.

    (Shock, film trailers lie, I know...)
  • Deleted user 9 December 2012 14:30:52
    @B0rked_Gamer Fair enough tastes change but Predator is sacred! ;)
  • wobbly_Bob 9 Dec 2012 14:40:03 4,411 posts
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    The Dark Knight Rises

    I liked this, but at the same time it didnt meet my expectations and i thought it was very average. I felt ot looked a bit cheap compared to the last movies, maybe just me :) It was too slow too, not enough batman by half. Bane as a villian didnt do it for me. And there were a numbrr of silly moments and things that madr no sense at all.

    Hoever when batman is on screen there are some cool moments. Cain, once again, is wonderful as Alfred, i wasnt bored during the movie and its a decent watch.

    Im gonna go with 6/10
  • DUFFMAN5 9 Dec 2012 14:52:05 22,703 posts
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    Sherlock Holmes AGoS

    Really enjoyed this. As good as the first film or maybe even better than the original Guy Richie one. I'm a massive Holmes and A.C.D fan so try and watch and read as much Holmes as I can. I love the rapport between Robert Downey jnr and Jude Law. Stephen Fry as Mycroft was a sublime choice. Story was good as well


    Tower Heist

    Not bad, nothing mind blowing but watchable.

  • Deleted user 9 December 2012 15:11:53
    Predators 0/10

    This film pissed me off big time.

    Went to see it at the cinema falling for the its back in the jungle with military types taking on an army of predators.

    But it turns out to be total dog shit.

    Terrible cast...........bad acting (Fishburne I'm looking at you), shit action. Awful plot threads e.g. the random psycho Dr guy reveal........groan.

    Plus the Predator two tier class system thing was total bullshit too.

    No to mention totally misleading marketing e.g. the Adrien Brody shot in the trailer of multiple tri dot targets on his body which turns out to be only one.

    But for me the thing that pissed me off the most was that chicks sniper rifle, totally and obviously plastic (it had no weight) with a tandy remote control stuck on top to make it look techy.

    Predators made Alien vs Predator look liek fucking Citizen Kane
  • Deleted user 9 December 2012 15:34:48
    B0rked_Gamer wrote:
    Predators - 2/10

    Utter bilge of the highest order featuring a cast of completely unlikable characters I didn't care about at all. Some ponce trying to act all tough which fell completely flat, some Japanese guy who just happens to find a samurai sword and some douchebag pretend doctor nut job. Pathetic.
    Completely agree. In a film packed with cliche, that sword bit really stood out.

    There is no reason to ever watch this film, once you know how bad it is. If you get the urge, just put Predator on instead.
  • Deleted user 9 December 2012 15:37:06
    Haha! Good to see Predators getting a kicking. Maybe 2/10 is overrating?
  • Deleted user 9 December 2012 16:04:14
    Maybe I need to re-watch it, I went in expecting it to be crap on the level of AVP (which for reference sake I thought was terrible) but remember being pleasantly surprised :/
  • beastmaster 9 Dec 2012 21:22:25 18,085 posts
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    360 - 8.5/10

    A cracking drama from the director of City Of God and The Constant Gardener. A set of intertwining stories where the various characters come together at various stages of the film. Like Babel but nowhere near as pretentious, plodding or as grim.

    Pretty much a star studded cast from various counties, it reminded me a lot of Closer. Mainly as there is a lot of infidelity in the stories. Also Jude Law presence may have had something to do with it.

    Most of the characters are pretty unlikeable but despite this the stories are compelling and you want to see how it all finishes. The acting is superb from everyone involved, especially Anthony Hopkins as a farther searching for his missing daughter.

    The film is kind of cold but it that's not a bad thing in this case. The few characters that have heart and warmth actually stand out more.

    I didn't know what to expect when the film first started. As it progresses, you get more star wattage as other actors and characters come into play. It also manages to come to a satisfying and kind of uplifting conclusion.

    Well worth a watch if you fancy something other than the Hollywood blockbuster film.
  • monkehhh 9 Dec 2012 21:43:51 4,817 posts
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    Sleepwalking with Me

    The dramatised true story of a stand-up comedian (Mike Birbiglia) who starts sleepwalking in his 30s, just as his long-term girlfriend starts talking about marriage and kids. It's short, it uses 'that' font that indie films use, and Mike / Matt breaks the fourth wall throughout the movie. I think I appreciated this one due to my age (early 30s) - you're past youth and now you have to decide what the fuck to do.

  • localnotail 9 Dec 2012 22:48:38 23,072 posts
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    I also believe that Predator 2 is better than Predator.
  • Deleted user 9 December 2012 22:50:59
    Predators deserves a single point for the end credits. That's about it.

    Anyway, watched Sling Blade last night. Amazed I'd never watched it before, but it was phenomenally good. A good 9/10 for that.
  • HitchHiker 10 Dec 2012 07:36:19 2,888 posts
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    Rise of the Guardians

    Wasn't expecting much as I don't really rate the Shrek movies and Dreamworks always seem to be trying too hard to out-do Pixar. RotG though was superb. Had a good, if predictable, story and some great animation. The detail throughout the film was amazing. What was strange though for a Christmas movie was the amount of focus on Easter . . .

    Anyway, it's a great movie and definitely worth taking your kids to.

  • woodnotes 10 Dec 2012 09:20:10 4,967 posts
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    Premium Rush - 8/10

    Daft but enjoyable. The best bicycle chase scenes ever ever.

    The Bourne Legacy - 7/10

    Really want to rate this higher. Some great standout scenes but it was brimming with problems. 1) Silly storyline with plot-holes galore. 2) No need for it to be called 'Bourne' whatsoever. 3) Frustrating ending which leaves everything open, but not in a clever way. It's a shame, because this had the potential to be a great movie in its own right. Never mind.
  • sirtacos 10 Dec 2012 09:26:09 8,018 posts
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    28 Weeks Later

    Pointless cash-in. Bland. Got bored very quickly.

    28 Days Later wasn't the Sistine Chapel of disaster/zombie/virus flicks either, but at least it was engaging. This is utter wank in comparison.


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  • Load_2.0 10 Dec 2012 09:35:38 26,409 posts
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    Predator is infinitely superior to Predator 2.

    Predators is far better than AVP.
  • GuiltySpark 10 Dec 2012 09:48:45 6,757 posts
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    I hate the word "trope."
  • Deleted user 10 December 2012 09:49:48
    I dunno. I really didn't like Predators at all. It's just trying so hard to recapture the spirit of the original but it misses the mark quite badly. At least Predator 2 tries to take the series on and be a bit different. And yeah, it is quite shit, but it's an 80s (or very early 90s) film and manages to just about be shit in a good way because of that somehow. Whereas Predators was just shit. Plus Gary Busey FTW.

    But yeah, Predators is way better an AvP.
  • mrpon 10 Dec 2012 09:56:10 34,298 posts
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    Fanny Lover
  • nickthegun 10 Dec 2012 09:57:44 73,321 posts
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    AVP is a predator film in the same way that its an alien film. Its not.

    And AVP2 which turns the predators into absolute spastics, first shooting down their own spaceship and then cack handedly missing every opportunity to kill the alien and being generally shit removes any mystique they had left.

    Anyway, predators starts off reasonably well but kind of shits itself. brody is unbelievable as a badass, the love interest is absolutely pointless and the fact that no one guessed the doctor is a mental is absolutely beyond belief.

    'OK....so youre a sniper, youre a mercenary, youre a yakuza and you... you are an ear nose and throat specialist..'
  • dr_swin 10 Dec 2012 10:02:00 4,927 posts
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    2 days in New York

    I keep watching shit films. It's not my fault. They get decent reviews and have decent actors but they're just shit. I like Julie Delpy(she's very French). It started out ok. I laughed a few times near the beginning. I quite enjoyed some of the directorial flourishes and its zany style, but why did they have to make the french family so retarded and puerile. If it wasn't written by two french people it would have been criticized as being racist I'm sure. It got progressivley crapper as it went on and I was unhappily surfing the net on the tablet by the end of it.
  • nickthegun 10 Dec 2012 10:02:14 73,321 posts
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    The only good bit was the canon killing bit where the alien starts face fucking those women. That was surprisingly hardcore.
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