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  • captainrentboy 6 Jan 2013 07:48:10 1,682 posts
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    The Impossible- 70%
    I wasn't really in the best frame of mind watching it. I felt like shit, was surrounded by mouth breathing fucking idiots (Never going to the cinema on a Saturday again), and to top it off I had to take a dump immediately after the Tsunami sequence :(
    The acting from each of the 3 main leads ranged from fantastic to piss poor, the quality of which varied from scene to scene, which kept taking me out of the film.
    Some of it was extremely moving, especially the last couple of scenes, whereas some of it was too OTT in the cheese department and just fell flat.
    The effects were fantastic as was the set design and sound effects, the soundtrack was occasionally brilliant too.
    The wifey enjoyed it a lot, I think I'd have liked it more at home.
  • Trowel 6 Jan 2013 10:08:49 21,960 posts
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    khaz wrote:
    TOOTR wrote:
    To kill a mocking bird.

    Found this classic very slow and hard to engage to start but it had won me over by the end.

    And as someone mentioned earlier - Gregory Peck is excellent in this.

    Gregory Peck is excellent in everything! Very few match his sheer screen presence.
    Personally I can't stand him - think he had limited range and was wooden in a lot of his roles.TKAM, Spellbound, Cape Fear, The Paradine Case, etc., just acts out the same character over and over. I haven't seen many of his westerns to be fair, and he was good in Roman Holiday.
  • Deleted user 6 January 2013 12:27:04
    Blood and Rain (2009) 6/10

    From the rear of the DVD cover:
    OFFICIAL SELECTION - Venice Film Festival
    OFFICIAL SELECTION - Tribeca Film Festival
    WINNER - Thessaloniki Film Festival

    Ď..the violent underworld of the Colombian city of BogotŠí
    This caught my attention most.

    Blood and Rain looks good, well filmed. The acting is good. The story is best described as pedestrian, slow, it takes place in a single night.

    To be honest, thereís not that much of a story to tell. In short:
    Cab driver wants revenge on gang believed to have killed his brother. Cab driver happens to meet some girl. Cab driver and Girl end up in back of 4x4 being driven around by three gang members, the leader of which wants information before he despatches the Cab driver. Needless to say it is not a happy go lucky film.

    Itís not all dull or depressing. During one of the all too few colourful moments, we get to see the interior of a night club where topless girls dance. There are also some shorts of the streets of BogotŠ, Colombia.

    The DVD cover warns the consumer:
    Personally I did not find the film violent. Thereís some punches thrown, some guns being waved about, that kind of thing, nothing too shocking. Other than the topless girls in the night club, the only sex I recall, which was rather unnecessary and added nothing to the story, was the shot of some bloke with his cock in his hand. Did the film really need that ?

    Spotted the DVD in Cex for £2 - mint condition. So I gave it a shot.
  • Deleted user 6 January 2013 12:32:40
    The campaign. Funny. 7.
  • TechnoHippy 6 Jan 2013 13:06:56 14,707 posts
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    Vanishing On 7th Street

    A nice idea,pity the execution wasn't up to much, but it was an ok watch.

  • Deleted user 6 January 2013 14:22:32
    Children Underground - A documentary about children living on the streets and subways of Bucharest. Probably the most harrowing thing I'll watch this year. Puts things into perspective.

    Miserable / 10.
  • craigy Staff 6 Jan 2013 15:39:25 9,287 posts
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    Hidden (Cachť) (2005): 6/10

    I'm too dumb to truly understand this movie.
  • Tom_Servo 6 Jan 2013 15:46:46 18,079 posts
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    The Boys from Brazil: 6/10

    A decent enough sort of Sunday afternoon type of film that doesn't really live up to it having Olivier, Peck and, erm, Steve Guttenberg in the cast. Olivier is a Nazi hunter (although basically a bit of a doddering old fool, which I didn't really like), Peck is the Nazi who's undertaking a large operation. BUT WHAT IS IT? Ooooh! Don't read the back of the box if you don't want to know.

    Dr. Strangelove: 7/10

    My first time seeing this, and I couldn't help but feel it had dated a bit. Still good though. The low point as far as the comedy went was Strangelove himself TBH. He was often a bit cringey. Maybe a bit funnier at the time. Really enjoyed Sellers' other parts though. On the whole a very perceptive film and considering some of the things we now know about the Cold War it doesn't seem a million miles away from the truth.

    I also watched Raging Bull, which was an 8/10.
  • TOOTR 6 Jan 2013 16:18:21 10,422 posts
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    Gregory Peck was also excellent in The Omen. But then I love everything about that film. Everything.

    Yes, even that.

    /loves The Omen
  • pistol 6 Jan 2013 16:43:23 13,018 posts
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    Blue Ray of Dark knight Rises

    Have to say I really enjoyed it, especially in HD and Bane's voice wasn't nearly as annoying as I'd been led to believe.

    8/10 and Batman Begin's still my favourite of the 3
  • captainrentboy 6 Jan 2013 17:23:52 1,682 posts
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    Clueless- Baby faced Paul Rudd/10
    God damn, 90s teen flicks have aged terribly! But the other half has a soft spot for it and I was too ill to argue.
    'twas watchable though!
  • Jono62 6 Jan 2013 17:59:49 19,581 posts
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    Is Alicia Silverstone's face (at least her lips) as lopsided as I remember?
  • captainrentboy 6 Jan 2013 19:05:55 1,682 posts
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    I thought she was pretty friggin hot to be fair to her. Slightly odd shaped mouth or not.
    I also didn't know that Turk from Scrubs was in it too. (Yes, that's his real name)
  • Blaketown 6 Jan 2013 19:29:01 5,658 posts
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    To be fair to 90s teen flicks, Clueless was pretty shitty even at the time.

    Edit: having said that, trying to remember some good ones and I'm drawing a blank. Dazed And Confused totally doesn't count.

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  • king26 6 Jan 2013 20:16:59 546 posts
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    The Dark Knight trilogy. I'm not a comic book geek but really enjoyed these films. Bane is one of the best vilains ever. 90%.
  • Deleted user 6 January 2013 20:30:09
    Dredd. 6/10. It was OK. Man, Karl Urban has a good frown on him.
  • Deleted user 6 January 2013 21:32:19
    Love Liza (2002) 10/10

    10/10 for Philip Seymour Hoffmanís performance.

    Love Liza isnít for everyone, but I enjoyed it. Maybe enjoy is the wrong word. The film tells the story of Wilson Joel (Hoffman) dealing with the tragic death of his wife (she blew her brains out). Wilson looses the plot, sniffs gas, and is advised to take time off from work (as a web designer). Hoffman plays the part so well, the film ultimately feels heavy, almost draining at times. Thereís other time throughout the film Wilsonís mental state actually made me laugh. For example, thereís a scene where Wilson goes to a radio controlled boat race event, and ends up jumping into the lake to go for a swim, all the while really not being aware of how bizarre his behaviour looks to others.

    Iíve watched the film on a number of occasions. Only now Iíve decided to comment.
  • nickthegun 6 Jan 2013 21:49:45 73,331 posts
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    The Bay - Quite cool. Good story, nicely horrific (in a filmic sense) and the found footage angle is pretty well done.

    Sadly, as with almost every found footage movie, by either design or due to budget all of the actors involved are absolutely shite unknowns which really sucks the life out of it. The lead character, a female reporter, is absolutely nauseating.

    Still, its pretty cool, certainly worth a watch if you like horrors and/or found footage stuff.

  • pistol 6 Jan 2013 21:59:32 13,018 posts
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    king26 wrote:
    The Dark Knight trilogy. I'm not a comic book geek but really enjoyed these films. Bane is one of the best vilains ever. 90%.
    As above, I liked DKR but on reflection thought Bane's character was a little farcical at times and I not sure I was a lover of the ole mask. Tom Hardy is a good actor and the mask hid so much dialogue that I think he could have given equally as menacing without the mask. Not the best villain by a long shot. And what the fuck was that fist fight between him and batman??

    Still liked it though..
  • king26 6 Jan 2013 22:18:48 546 posts
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    What! I loved Banes mask and his character on the whole, and the two fist fights between them are brutal, each to their own I suppose. :)
  • oceanmotion 6 Jan 2013 22:20:17 17,316 posts
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    Blaketown wrote:
    To be fair to 90s teen flicks, Clueless was pretty shitty even at the time.

    Edit: having said that, trying to remember some good ones and I'm drawing a blank. Dazed And Confused totally doesn't count.
    10 Things I Hate About You springs to mind.

    Boy does this make me feel old, American Pie, Cruel Intentions.

    The Prestige 9/10

    Such a relaxing and enjoyable film. Time just drifts by. Having watched it again, not sure what all the talk about the twist was years ago, people seemed to be confused. Great performances all round. Not fond of magic but just a side show to the obsession and sacrifice.

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  • RichDC 6 Jan 2013 22:28:08 7,691 posts
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    Drive - 7/10

    Was ok I guess. Nothing wrong with it, but I guess I expected more after some of the glowing reviews here.
  • StixxUK 6 Jan 2013 22:32:28 7,890 posts
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    Registered 16 years ago
    Re the Prestige and confusion, I had that the first time I watched it mainly because I kept falling asleep and waking up, which made it seem far more surreal than it actually was!

    Watching it again it was far more straightforward and I liked it less as a result. The scrambled, confusing, surreal and psychedelic version you get from mixing it up with your own dreams is much better.

    Your mileage may vary.
  • oceanmotion 6 Jan 2013 22:34:19 17,316 posts
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    Intro is awesome and the soundtrack patches over the cracks. Does have something at times but just felt overly violent and stupid. Mr Quiet Creepy guy, sure come on in. The tense scene in the elevator was fantastic. Cue soundtrack, gives it high score.
  • Deleted user 6 January 2013 23:05:05
    The Iron Lady

  • Deleted user 6 January 2013 23:59:26
    Zero Dark Thirty - 9/10

    Drags a bit in the middle, but that's about everything negative I can say. Great performances. And while it's all build-up to a conclusion that's inevitable, but to the film's credit, it remains tense throughout, especially in the final sequence. Plus, having Andy from Parks and Rec as the main Seal Team Six guy isn't actually offputting in the slightest.

    However a random appearance from John Barrowman did make me go "whuh?" momentarily.
  • Lukus 7 Jan 2013 00:39:49 21,198 posts
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    Alice in Wonderland (the Tim Burton one)

    Admittedly it's been a very long time since I read the book, but I don't remember it being ANYTHING like this piece of shit.
    It just bored me. It felt dull and lifeless the whole way through. I think that's probably mostly down to the look and design. Far too much CG. Soft pastel looking CG at that.

    A waste of time.

  • captainrentboy 7 Jan 2013 01:40:55 1,682 posts
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    Knowing- 80%
    I'm aware I'm in the minority but I like the flick.
    All of that Science Vs Religion Vs Crazy Alien Shit stuff throughout raises it above your average braindead blockbuster for me.
    And the last rioting sequences, where the classical music kicks in, followed by the destruction of bloody Earth are pretty darned effective in their bleakness.

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