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  • spindle9988 14 Feb 2013 23:20:11 4,707 posts
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    This die hard looked complete shit to be honest
  • CharlieStCloud 14 Feb 2013 23:29:01 5,812 posts
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    I went to see 'A Good Day To Die Hard' earlier this evening myself ...

    ... apart from a lengthy car chase that is rather superb and a few moments here and there, it is surprisingly quite poor. Dull too.
  • beastmaster 14 Feb 2013 23:44:27 18,087 posts
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    A Good Day to Fuck Off and Die - 3/10

    I think the Odeon made a mistake at the IMAX screening. The picture was immense in size and the sound booming as you'd expect. However, I think they accidently showed the TV version. That can be the only explination for what I've just seen. It's kind of fitting that this Die Hard film is rated 12A. John Mcclane now joins the ranks of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and other superheroes, as in this film he has no fear and is utterly indescriutable. Hell, he could do mano e mano with The Hulk and give him a run for his money.

    The worst thing about this film though is not the lack of swearing, the lack of violence or the fact that John Mcclane is now one of The Avengers. They have done something worse. Die Hard 4.0 for all it's flaws (and there are many) still had the John Mcclane from the first three Die hard films. Willis still managed to retain the character traits of John Mcclane despite the ludicrous situations that were going on around him.

    This film is different. It sucessfully manages to turn the character of Mcclane into a bit of a moron. Gone is any kind of wit, charm, intelligence and subtlety of previous performances. Instead he's mostly a loud, ignorant buffoon who has taken total leave of his senses when faced with something he doesn't know or understand. They've even tried to give him another catchphrase. Oh dear.

    Another weakness of the film is the father-son relationship. Having Mcclane as the loose cannon to his sons straight-and-narrow should work. Yet the total lack on chemistry between them doesn't make any of it believable at any point. You'd think that if they were playing for this friction between them, the lack of chemistry may possiblly help. It doesn't. It gets worse when they inevitably settle their differences and kick ass together as father and son. It's this central relationship which is also brings the film down as I found it totally unconvincing and annoying at best. it's also the focal point of the film between the action sequences. Or rather the son-father relationship and poor ol' Brucie seems to be in a cameo for the first quarter of the film. All the focus is on his son and he calls all the shots. He's also an intensely unlikeable dick.

    What the original three Die Hard films did so well is have a great supporting cast and a decent villian (well, maybe not Die Hard 2 but decent enough). Honestly, the guy who plays the villian in this makes Thomas Gabriel from 4.0 look like Hans Gruber. An uncharamatic characture of a Russian baddy who poses as much of a threat to Mcclane as a toilet bug. He's a carrot chomping, tap dancing bad guy! What the utter FUCK? Was I supposed to laugh instead of wanting to cry out in utter despair? There's a female baddie who is quite sexy. I'd really, really like to knob her. I'm sorry but I'm looking for some positives here.

    The setting in Russia is a bit of an odd choice. It's like they though of the setting first, the poster tagline and then reversed engineered a Die Hard film from it. It's not just something a bit more pretty to blow up and it kind of serves a plot purpose but it's nothing they couldn't have done in LA.

    But hey, it's fucking Die Hard, so lots of shit will blow up and the action will be awesome, right? Well no, not really. The opening action sequence would have been gobsmacking and amazing if I could actually see what was going on. Really rapid cuts and fast zooms abound! Worse than the opening car chase in Quantum Of Solace but it lasts about five times longer. The other action sequences get more and more GCI based and the final one is utterly preposterous.

    Let's get some positives.n There are times when the old Mcclane comes shining through as it's a stark contrast to what the character is doing in this film. Russia looks lovely when it's being blown to pieces.

    The sad thing is that this film is at it's best when it deliberately (and very briefly) harks back to the original film. You know the scenes when you see them. It also uses the score from the original film for the most part. It also holds your attention (for the wrong reasons) so I never fell asleep or went into a coma.

    A tepid action film and an utter disgrace of a Die Hard film. A Bad Day To Die Hard.
  • Deleted user 15 February 2013 00:04:00
    Gansosleftpeg wrote:
    Another weakness of the film is that you spent 99% of the time taking mental notes on how to shit on it.
    Or how about, he didn't like the film and made a substantial effort to explain why, you tedious one-trick twat?
  • beastmaster 15 Feb 2013 00:05:11 18,087 posts
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    I didn't really need to take mental notes. It's so brash, in your face and a complete contrast to the other ones it makes it easy to remember. For all the wrong reasons.
  • Mola_Ram 15 Feb 2013 00:10:23 17,579 posts
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    Gansosleftpeg prefers reviews to be short and snappy. One word or less should do.
  • captbirdseye 15 Feb 2013 00:20:26 8,402 posts
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    Maybe the film...was...like....actually shite!!!! If you have nothing  worth debating or saying then kindly go elsewhere. Or maybe we should stick with one word reviews.

    /move along
  • Youthist 15 Feb 2013 00:20:51 13,133 posts
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    Django Unchained. A ten from me. Has flaws but also utterly superb.
  • Mola_Ram 15 Feb 2013 00:29:39 17,579 posts
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    Have you ever actually reviewed anything in this thread? Or are you only here to moan.
  • shooter 15 Feb 2013 01:04:08 399 posts
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    what a fuckn sap....load of bad reviews coming in for die hard, considering willis is surely too old for more its a sad way for such a legendary character to finish. Will still check it out tomorrow though
  • Tonka 15 Feb 2013 06:28:03 27,684 posts
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    It's a well known fact that A Good Day to Die is shit.
    Avoid at all cost
  • Tonka 15 Feb 2013 06:32:33 27,684 posts
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    The Princess Bride
    The valentine chice this year. A classic that really deserves it. Has hearts and smarts. I'm not too fond of the meta story though. I wonder what the idea with that was.

    Fairytale comedy that predates (the also very lovely) Enchanted. Many classic lines and set pieces (I thought "Skip to the end" was a SPACED reference. Silly me...). A humor that reminds me of Delirious for some reason. It also avoids clichés despite riffing on many of them.

    A must see
  • beastmaster 15 Feb 2013 08:54:51 18,087 posts
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    Gansosleftpeg wrote:
    I did. It didn't like it at all. I certainly don't write reviews in my head whilst I'm watching them. It would totally ruin any enjoyment I'd have. I just put a bit of time, effort and thought into them. It's really not that difficult to rememeber what happened over the course of 90 minutes.

    If you think I'm a hack, then thank you. I'm flattered. I'm just a dude who loves his gaming and watching films even more.
  • craigy Staff 15 Feb 2013 09:07:20 9,287 posts
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    Warm Bodies: 7/10

    Absolutely charming and very funny. Consider my cockles radiated. It's funny how zombies, in a relatively short period of time, have shifted from this horrifying idea that scares the shit out of people to quaint and not at all threatening.
  • Tonka 15 Feb 2013 09:36:20 27,684 posts
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    Good Day To DIe is worse than SALT
  • Mola_Ram 15 Feb 2013 09:47:53 17,579 posts
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    Tonka wrote:
    Good Day To DIe is worse than SALT
    13% versus 62% on RT. A great deal worse, if critics are anything to go by.

    Looking forward to the first positive review. There has to be one eventually.

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