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  • evild_edd 20 Feb 2013 22:04:33 3,914 posts
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    Very, very 80s, but definitely worth a watch just to see Brian Cox's portrayal of Hannibal Lector. There's got to be an argument for saying Cox's Lector is the superior one, as it's less camp, pantomime villainy than Hopkins'.


    P.s. apologies for interrupting the resolution discussion with a review... ;P

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  • Gambit1977 20 Feb 2013 22:06:59 10,396 posts
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    I'd give Chained 7/10. Great 'feel', decent script, interesting story, but only Vincent D'Oforio can act in it. Other than the bad acting though, I enjoyed it and would watch again.
  • Dangerous_Dan 20 Feb 2013 22:11:24 2,390 posts
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    It's really depending on the quality of film which was used. There were huge increases in quality before digital came around. Watch a bluray of a movie from the 1950s. They digitalized it and you see a freakin lot of grain. Sometimes they try to improve it with digital sharpener filters but the information which is contained in the movie is very limited.

    Movie makers don't switch from analog to digital just for the heck of it. They only do this if there is a significant advantage.

    Actually, there is a limit, both, for digital and analog techniques. It's the amount of light which is collected with the camera lens. You have to excitate the atoms on your CCD chip as well as the chemical structures on your film role. And at a certain point an increase in resolution diminishes the sharpness of the picture. It's the same with human eyes, when it's very dark then you have a kind of blur effect on your vision.

    Black and white movies were sharper for quite some time after introducing color film. In that case you don't have to waste photons on the color information, all photons get collected and translated to contrast information. A cat can see much better in the dark but if I remember correctly they are color blind - a trade off.
  • Stickman 20 Feb 2013 23:57:13 29,877 posts
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    Captain America 0/10

    Just no. No,no, no.
  • Mola_Ram 21 Feb 2013 00:00:47 17,569 posts
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    Why 0?
  • Stickman 21 Feb 2013 00:07:27 29,877 posts
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    It's just total shit with no redeeming features. I can't think of one good thing about it. Plot holes you could drive a bus through, dislikable characters, shit baddie, awful 'boss fight' and the first half of it is interminably dull. The bird isn't even fit.
  • Tonka 21 Feb 2013 07:11:29 27,657 posts
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    John Dies at the End
    Supernatural horror adventure by the maker of Bubba HoTep. But where Bubba HoTep was better as an idea than as an actual film this one is the other way around.

    It's hardly even an idea.

    Evils from another dimension are finding a way through and regular Jeos make a stand. Or do they?

    Has some lovely puppetry and animatronics that reminds me of horror films of my yoof.

    Well worth watching
  • Ultrasoundwave 21 Feb 2013 09:00:53 5,688 posts
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    Dr. No

    Got the full Bond Blu Ray set as a gift, so me and two of my mates have decided to go through them all, doing one a week for the next 24 weeks.

    Naturally, we started at the beginning. I've seen Dr. No before but it was years ago, so i barely remembered any of it.

    First of all, i'll say that the Blu Ray transfer is absolutely stunning, it brings the film to life beautifully.

    Connery is perfect as Bond, absolutely spot on. He nails every aspect of the character.
    The story is quite simple, compared to other Bond stories, but moves along at a nice pace.

    There is some excellent cinematography in there too - shooting on location in Jamaica was a smart move and the movie looks all the better for it.

    Overall, a classic movie and a solid start to our Bond-a-thon. Two special mentions before the score :

    1) "That's a Smith & Wesson....and you've had your six" is one of the coolest lines/scenes ever.

    2) Felix Leiter has the best sunglasses in the history of sunglasses

  • Deleted user 21 February 2013 09:03:33
    Stickman wrote:
    It's just total shit with no redeeming features. I can't think of one good thing about it.
    Chris Evans is hot.
  • nickthegun 21 Feb 2013 09:18:03 73,291 posts
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    Its been quite well established that he is.
  • Deleted user 21 February 2013 09:20:05
    Nothing gay about appreciating that bod.
  • Deleted user 21 February 2013 09:20:26
    Also I bet he has a pretty cock.
  • b0rk 21 Feb 2013 09:21:26 7,649 posts
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    kalel wrote:
    Stickman wrote:
    It's just total shit with no redeeming features. I can't think of one good thing about it.
    Chris Hemsworth is hot.
  • Deleted user 21 February 2013 09:25:19
    My wife goes nuts for Hemsworth. Evans is more my type.
  • nickthegun 21 Feb 2013 09:28:03 73,291 posts
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    My mrs is nuts for Ronan off Stargate Atlantis. She must have been the only woman in the UK to insist on watching the new Conan the Barbarian movie.
  • Tonka 21 Feb 2013 09:28:18 27,657 posts
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    This is the Euro Gaymen forum after all.
  • monkman76 21 Feb 2013 09:29:04 12,558 posts
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    That Gansosleftpeg is a bit of a dish.
  • Deleted user 21 February 2013 09:31:07
  • nickthegun 21 Feb 2013 09:33:54 73,291 posts
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    Speaking of which, its nice to see Ganso continuing the tradition of freaky looking brazillians.
  • Deleted user 21 February 2013 09:41:14
    Thats my boy- 3/10

    Terrible. It's my own fault for watching an Adam Sandler film, I must secretly hate myself.
  • RichieTenenbaum 21 Feb 2013 09:53:57 2,736 posts
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    Just jumping into to the film debate here.

    1. 3D. I think we all now see 3D for the con it was. An attempt to justify digital projectors (whose main advantage from the cinema's side is the fact that you can remotely control them much easier than film projectors, as you don't need to change reels, making it easy to control seven at a time and thus lose projectionists from your payslip. And whose main advantage from the studio's side is a reduction in film the screen piracy).
    It wasn't any better than the 3D in the 50s and 80s. As much as a fad as it was then. It's a silly concept anyway. We already take in movies as 3d by focus and size etc. our eyes can already work it out. No one saw Laurence Oliver coming over those dunes and thought 'ooooooo. What a tiny man'.
    As for films like Life of Pi, I would argue Life of Pi was significantly damaged by being in 3D. It was a film that experimented with colour significantly, and was made a worse film by that colour being muted by the polarising effect of the 3D glasses. Some of those scenes in the water looked SO MUCH better in 2D. So much more vibrant.

    2. Filmstock

    Now some of you think I'm a Luditte. This is possibly true. I know things are changing. But I DO feel like we're losi something, and it's OK to recognise that. For me, the blips and scratches in a 35mm/16mm film form part of the magic of cinema. A magic I've grown up with. The imperfection of the medium makes it more beautif. I also feel there's a 'look' to film which digital has not quite manged to capture so far. For me, the look of film is something to be treasured.

    Now of course I'm not 100% serious with some of my 'text file can't make you cry' stuff, but there is a point to be made for the feeling of watching something in the physical medium. It's not invalid. It may be nostalgia, but I like nostalgia.

    Doesn't stop me owning an iPod but I DO feel more engaged with music on record.

    3. Real projectionists

    I like it when there's a projectionist. Have you ever been to a multiplex and complained about the picture? They have no idea how to sort it. I feel it's part of the ritual of the cinema. Hearing the clack clack clack as the film goes through the cogs. Knowing that someone has put time and care and effort it something. I'm not consuming content. I'm participating in a shared experience.

    These are my genuine views. And I think in the race to add new technology, we've slightly forgotten about what made things work in the first place. We're so keen for this clinical, perfect image that on the way maybe, just MAYBE, we'll lose what we loved about that image in the first place.
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