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  • Buztafen 18 Mar 2013 13:44:29 17,450 posts
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    @Deckard1 - It does lay it on in extremely thick syrupy layer at the beginning and a little at the end. Did you stick with it? The longer middle section massively makes up for it imo.
  • nickthegun 18 Mar 2013 14:15:34 73,307 posts
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    Does the music of coldplay feature much in this film?
  • smoothpete 18 Mar 2013 14:19:50 34,628 posts
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    GuiltySpark wrote:
    Also watched some of King Kong (2005) last night on TV, I'm surprised how bad it looked. I remember it looking pretty decent when I first saw it.
    The thing that really impressed me about King Kong was how boring they'd managed to make a film about a massive gorilla fighting dinosaurs. Yaaaaaawn. Also longest film ever made.
  • Mola_Ram 18 Mar 2013 14:21:11 17,576 posts
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    Kong doesn't even fucking show up until like an hour in.
  • Kay 18 Mar 2013 14:32:41 19,523 posts
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    Deckard1 wrote:
    Life of Pi

    Really torn with this one. The first 30 minutes are filled with painful religious bollocks. The journey itself is just breathtakingly beautiful and an absolute joy to watch. And then the last 10 minutes ruins it with more religious horse shit. The ending really annoyed me actually.

    8/10 but that's just because the middle bit is so good
    The film wouldn't have been half as good without the beginning and the end. In fact, I thought the middle bit dragged a bit.
  • CharlieStCloud 18 Mar 2013 14:44:02 5,812 posts
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    Deckard1 wrote:
    To me the whole "believing in God is great guys!" subtext left a bad taste in my mouth.
    Blame the book, not the film!

    In fact, you'd be pleased to know that the religious subtext was reduced quite a fair bit compared to the book, especially the opening 60-70 pages ... if anything, the film did away with handling the subject too heavily and focused more on the journey.

    The book is better however, the film manages to dispel the whole 'an unfilmable book' theory, which should be celebrated.
  • Kay 18 Mar 2013 15:02:57 19,523 posts
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    Yeah, I'm reading the book now and the religious aspect was toned down massively in the film.

    Anyway, I liked the beginning and end because it added context to the rest of the story, otherwise it would literally have just been about a boy shipwrecked on a boat with a tiger. I also liked the ambiguity of the ending. I'm not into religion myself, it was just a nice whimsical tale, that's all.

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  • Gartt 18 Mar 2013 16:45:46 1,923 posts
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    I cant really rate this with a number, its an incredibly depressing piece of cinema. It was superbly acted and very well made but there was an odd disconnection and I found myself not really feeling anything at the end. It was very compelling though and worth a watch at least once, but I wouldn't watch it again.
  • Deleted user 18 March 2013 19:00:54
    sirtacos wrote:
    blacksea wrote:
    Snowtown (2011) hmmm.. very grim/10


    Best isnít a word Iíd use to describe Snowtown - Grim springs to mind.

    The film makers have done a grand job of depicting the grim side of Australia, a grim set of events. Itís proper depressing stuff, from the moment the film starts to the moment the film ends. All 115 minutes of it are grim. About half way through I started to feel nauseous.

    I picked up Snowtown second hand, Iíll probably sell it, as I canít imagine ever wanting to watch it again.

    What happens to the bloke at the end, as I didnít fully get why he was there, in the building with the computers and stuff. Did I miss something?
    The bloke at the end is the protagonist's step-brother.
    John Bunting has wanted to kill him for a long time (because John Bunting is an arsehole). Earlier in the film - at the beach - John tells a reluctant Mr. Protagonist to lure his step-brother into town in order to sell him a used computer for $200. The computer does not exist! It is a dastardly ruse! The half-brother, seduced by the promise of cheap personal computing, willingly follows Mr. Protagonist into the disused bank. Once there, they sit down and have a nice cup of tea. WITH MURDER CRUMPETS

    Incidentally, my playful tone belies the horror I feel. The disused bank shown in the film is the actual murderbank where Buntcunt & Co stored their victims' remains.
    Thanks. I missed, or not paid attention to, the step-brother connection.
  • Deleted user 18 March 2013 19:05:05
    Kes (1969) Happy to have seen it /10

    This is one of those films Iíve known about for years, but never found the motivation to see. They had a copy in the local Cex, so I figured Iíd give it a whirl. Sure itís dated, and the Yorkshire accent got to me after a while, but the gritty acting, and all that goes with that era is an eye opener. Iím happy to have seen it.
  • speedofthepuma 18 Mar 2013 19:44:14 13,418 posts
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    Deckard1 wrote:
    Well I wouldn't say it particularly ambiguous. My reading of the end was isn't it better to believe in the nice story rather than the horrible truth? Therefore isn't it better to believe the stories of religion than it is to except the hard facts of life and death. Least that's how I saw it. Obviously there's a few more layers to it than that, but to me, that's the message the story is trying to get across. And it can get fucked with that shit quite frankly.
    See that's why I think it's more ambiguous than you found it, I honestly believe it plays differently depending on what beliefs you bring to it. What surprises me is that you brought atheism, and took that from it, but seem to feel like you had religion shoved down your throat. Maybe your flavour of atheism has more intolerance of religion than mine.
  • Deleted user 18 March 2013 19:54:47
    Deckard just said could of.
  • Nades 18 Mar 2013 21:10:55 2,906 posts
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    Watched The Elephant Man last night, was on TV. Surprised how good it was. 87%
  • Deleted user 18 March 2013 21:17:42
    Why surprised?
  • speedofthepuma 18 Mar 2013 21:22:49 13,418 posts
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    Deckard1 wrote:
    I could care less.

    And I'm not really an atheist sotp, I'd probably class myself as agnostic. I think my main problem was that I felt it was trying to manipulate what I should believe in.
    Perhaps, that's kind of the point though. Some people have seen it as more of a commentary on story telling than religion.

    I'm not sure, but apart from some extremely interesting visuals, I seem to have found it more engaging to discuss the film, than to have watched it; I found the middle section dragged and had a problem with the island, which seemed incongruous to me.
  • Nades 18 Mar 2013 21:28:52 2,906 posts
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    @kalel Thought a 1980s film would be shit lol.
  • kentmonkey 18 Mar 2013 21:29:34 22,544 posts
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    thread gets ugly in 3...2...
  • Deleted user 18 March 2013 23:15:02
    List of great '80s films incoming..
  • Deleted user 18 March 2013 23:18:37
    Nope. There were no good films in the 80s.
  • beastmaster 18 Mar 2013 23:36:00 18,071 posts
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    Aargh. wrote:
    Nope. There were no good films in the 80s.
    Not going to take the bait...
  • Deleted user 18 March 2013 23:50:13
    Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure! I knew there was one! Take that, '80s haters.
  • Mola_Ram 19 Mar 2013 00:02:29 17,576 posts
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    The goonies
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