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  • Deleted user 9 December 2013 08:55:34
    Deckard1 wrote:
    Open Grave

    Caught this in a little Malaysian movie theater in Kuala Lumpur. The guy from District 9 wakes up in a pit full of dead bodies with amnesia. Is rescued by a bunch of people who also have amnesia. They all try to figure out what the fuck is going. Becomes pretty obvious whats happened about half way through, but its a pretty clever twist on a well worn theme. Best to go in without knowing anything about it.

    Loving the irony of that last sentence.
  • Deleted user 9 December 2013 09:04:49
    I was joking.
  • StarchildHypocrethes 9 Dec 2013 09:07:59 31,386 posts
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    Great, so now I know there's no twist. Thanks for nothing, Deckard!
  • UncleLou Moderator 9 Dec 2013 09:14:41 39,451 posts
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    Wheteher there's a twist or no twist, neither will come as a surprise now because I am expecting both.
  • RichDC 9 Dec 2013 09:15:05 7,706 posts
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    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - 6/10

    Moved at a faster pace than the first one which was quite slow but as a result it jumps around a bit. I'd heard it was meant to be more violent than the first one but if anything its toned down. There's a lot of screaming followed by cannons but not much on screen. And as is standard for the second film in a trilogy it ends quickly and unresolved, hinting at a much more interesting third film.
  • nickthegun 9 Dec 2013 09:15:22 73,593 posts
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    Deckard spoiled a twist for me. He loves twists. And spoiling twists.
  • beastmaster 9 Dec 2013 09:15:28 18,189 posts
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    Let's twist again.
  • sport 9 Dec 2013 09:21:26 14,294 posts
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    Deckard1 wrote:
    He's a ghost.
    "Cruise has a BONE in Oblivion"

    - meme, 2013
  • Tonka 9 Dec 2013 09:22:44 27,855 posts
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    Man and vampire has always existed alongside one another. After winning the epic war on the vampires man decides to huddle up in horrible neo-industrial cities cowering under the oppressive church.

    I like the world. Other than that it's rather shit.

    Completely skippable
  • Deleted user 10 December 2013 15:04:06
    The Grey - 5/10

    The part of the film where the stuff starts begins with a huge continuity flaw, which only serves to magnify and highlight the smaller continuity flaws (of which there are many).

    Its a Liam Neeson ego trippy type thing woth every event and plot progression being entirely predictable and quite tiresome.
  • Alastair 10 Dec 2013 15:14:25 22,021 posts
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    It's loooong. And I don't think I would have been able to follow it if I hadn't read the book.

    In summary, read the book. 5/10
  • nickthegun 10 Dec 2013 15:18:25 73,593 posts
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    I watched it before I read the book which I consider to be a blessing and a curse.

    I understood fine what was going on and didnt constantly pick holes in it.

    On the other hand, I did read the book constantly wondering 'where are the weirding modules?'
  • Deleted user 10 December 2013 15:19:44
    Ohhhhhh, you're asking for trouble, you cheeky troll.


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  • Alastair 10 Dec 2013 15:23:41 22,021 posts
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    To be fair, the book was hard work in places, but LBro is like a little encyclopedia. :)
  • Deleted user 10 December 2013 17:45:42
    Am ill.

    So, Back To The Future. 10/10, obv.
  • Deleted user 10 December 2013 18:01:41
    It's wonderful. Really brings the book to (bizarre) life.
  • King_Edward 10 Dec 2013 18:16:54 11,470 posts
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    Dune is one of those films I watched when I was so young I'm always a liitle taken aback when people talk about it, as I was convinced I had dreamt it. Willow too.
  • thelzdking 10 Dec 2013 19:10:04 7,825 posts
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    I think that Dune is still visually stunning. It does visualise the world wonderfully.
  • DanB24 10 Dec 2013 19:12:11 5,799 posts
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    Yup read the book or watch the Sci fi channel mini series version. A million times better than the awful film. :)
  • localnotail 10 Dec 2013 21:16:24 23,072 posts
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    I liked the film. A lot. It captured an essence.
  • Alastair 11 Dec 2013 08:31:40 22,021 posts
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    Hmm, it's hard to say what I felt about the film. I didn't hate it but I also didn't fall in love with it.
    As a comparison - I've read all the GoT books and watched the first 2 series. I think the book and series are equally good. For Dune I prefer the book.

    I liked the sandworm riding and the final battle. I also liked seeing Patrick Stewart as I hadn't realised he was in it. I also liked the fact that there were voice overs for some of the plot exposition. And it did actually explain why the plot against House Atreides was happening, I think I missed that when I read it.
    At some point I will read the book and watch the film again and maybe my opinion will change.
  • nickthegun 11 Dec 2013 09:54:19 73,593 posts
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    Maybe im just incredibly perceptive, but I thought the book made it pretty clear that the plot against the atreides happened because the harkonnen simply hated them and the emperor was well jel of how sexy, awesome and popular Leto and the rest of the family were, so it was an alliance of convenience more than anything else.
  • simsini 11 Dec 2013 10:01:26 417 posts
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    Hunger Game: Catching Fire - 4/10

    How has this has scored 8.2 on imdb? Takes far too long to get to the games themselves, as the first half was almost sleep inducing. Then the games are laughable. Set piece after set piece showing them try and survive against artificial threats with others dying that you wouldn't know about without the cannons being fired. Plus Jennifer Lawrence looks dead between the eyes for virtually the whole film.
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