Best/cheapest 500GB XBOX Hard Drive...

  • Jelly 21 Oct 2007 19:17:25 3 posts
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    Hey I'm new here, hopefully this section is still alive hehe.

    Anyway, I've had an xbox for about 6months now but never bothered to upgrade the hard drive until now.

    I've been looking at 500GB drives (checking them against the Compability List as well).

    Anyway, does anyone know what the best/cheapest/value for money 500GB compatible drive would be? I've been looking at the Western Digital WD5000AAKB which is around 64 from eBuyer (pretty much the cheapest place, give or take a few quid!).

    My XBOX is v1.1 and is softmodded - if that makes any difference!

    Thanks alot!
  • Jelly 22 Oct 2007 16:48:28 3 posts
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    Yeah, it seems to be a lot easier with a chip - but I don't have one installed and don't fancy getting one just for an extra HD upgrade - Looks like I'll be buying that model then!

    PS: There's a compatible list on the internet available, some are NOT lockable which means it isn't compatible with the XBOX.

    EDIT: Is there any really good/easy to follow Softmod HD Upgrade tutorials? I've found a few but they all seem to date back from 2002-2005, not exactly recent!
  • Deleted user 22 October 2007 16:51:49
    I'd suggest going for a 5.400rpm one maximum. You're maxed out by the IDE bus anyway so higher speeds are of no benefit, also they tend to overheat easier.
  • Jelly 23 Oct 2007 00:20:13 3 posts
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    I've looked on eBuyer (generally the cheapest place for hard-drives in the UK), and there are no 500GB 5400RPM drives - the model I listed above is the cheapest and most reliable drive available.

    If I ever need to, I can always use the drive at a reasonable speed (7200RPM) in my computer as well.

    Can anyone point me to a good softmod HD upgrade tutorial?
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